NSMB Team Gets Lost in Revelstoke

Words Cam McRae
Photos Mason Mashon and Morgan Taylor
Date Nov 18, 2013

Revel n 1. To take great pleasure or delight. 2. To engage in uproarious festivities; make merry. Stoke v.intr. 1. To feed or tend a furnace or fire. 2. Informal To eat steadily and in large quantities. Revelstoke is clearly a winning combination. We revelled and were stoked from the moment we arrived until our premature departure. Things come together in Revelstoke. To the west you’ll find the Monashee Range while the Selkirks look down from the East. Both ranges are bisected from west to east and separated from north to south by the Columbia River. The result is four zones with distinct climates – all right there. And there seems to be prime riding in every direction.

We were a little slow to move Sunday morning after the locals taught us how to Revel. Sarah Peterson and Lorraine Blancher helped us prove the town can party. Good vibes seemed to follow us around until the wee hours and Stephen Matthews may have lost his shoes teaching Paul Stevens to two-step on the main drag. Eventually we enjoyed our hearty breakfast at The Regent Hotel and headed south toward Blanket Creek Provincial Park, where Bruno Long and Lorraine assured us there would be steep rock faces to keep the stoke rolling. A quick shuttle and we were sampling some fine trail building.

Paulo was broken so we put everyone into our fresh Tacoma and began to bang off some laps. These were good trails. Well built and challenging and opportunities to get rowdy were plentiful. We were still on the Monashee side but, as promised, things were drier and the canopy less dense. We warmed up on Rolling Stone and grins ruled the day. From there it was on to Lost Boys – and things were about to get rowdy. Day Two of Revelstoke will be told in photos yet again, with Morgan Taylor’s images bolstered by some sweet shots from Mason Mashon.


We hazily loaded up outside our digs at the Regent Hotel and headed for Blanket Creek. Photo Morgan Taylor.


We snagged some killer sandwiches from La Baguette to keep the day rolling – we’ll be back here. Photo Cam McRae.


The BC interior’s shuttle roads are a special treat for us coast boys. Gotta get that ‘gram. Photo Morgan Taylor.


Mason Mashon sniffs out the tastiest treats from the forest. Good morning! Photo Morgan Taylor.


Entering Lost Boys. Photo Morgan Taylor.


Mason sets up while Stephen Matthews and Mark Matthews get down. Photo Morgan Taylor.

Mason Mashon Photo - NSMB - Revelstoke-2

We were treated to sunny skies and warm temperatures for the second day in Revelstoke. Photo Mason Mashon.

Mason Mashon Photo - NSMB - Revelstoke-1

Stephen must have pulled the long straw and got to ride in front for the day. Photo Mason Mashon.

Mason Mashon Photo - NSMB - Revelstoke-3

Mark got dusted over and over. Photo Mason Mashon.

Mason Mashon Photo - NSMB - Revelstoke-4

Moss and granite is a beautiful combination. Photo Mason Mashon.


Cliché cheeseball “checking out the shot” shot. Of course this was after the no-footers on skinnies, which is on video. Photo Morgan Taylor.


Team Captain Trevor Hansen takes a page from Mason’s book. Photo Morgan Taylor.


And Mase gets on the purple drank. Photo Morgan Taylor.

Mason Mashon Photo - NSMB - Revelstoke-7

Trevor drops in on the long and steep line, which Mark was soon to crash on. Photo Mason Mashon.

Mason Mashon Photo - NSMB - Revelstoke-6

Stephen and Mark on one of a few runs down the face… neither photo or video seems to have done this one justice. Photo Mason Mashon.

Mason Mashon Photo - NSMB - Revelstoke-9

Stephen’s moustache doesn’t hold a candle to these woods. Photo Mason Mashon.


Mason rocked the full camera pack and didn’t shy away from any of the big boy lines. Photo Morgan Taylor.


Our always-stylish sherpa-cameraman. Photo Morgan Taylor.


Stephen and Mark continued to enjoy the goods that Revelstoke delivered. Photo Morgan Taylor.


When I call out “Shaka Brah!“, look up and give the camera a nice “shaka brah”… Photo Morgan Taylor.

Mason Mashon Photo - NSMB - Revelstoke-10

Stephen lays it down on a double rock drop. Photo Mason Mashon.

Mason Mashon Photo - NSMB - Revelstoke-11

Mark shuffled a foot to the right. Photo Mason Mashon.

Mason Mashon Photo - NSMB - Revelstoke-12

This is where things got steep and loose, while the sun started to give us the goods. Photo Mason Mashon.

Mason Mashon Photo - NSMB - Revelstoke-15

Mark gets way loose in the back. Photo Mason Mashon.


Mason on the dusty road. Photo Morgan Taylor.


Like we said. Steep and loose. Photo Morgan Taylor.


Mark sends it to a squirrelly landing, finding bottom. Photo Morgan Taylor.

Mason Mashon Photo - NSMB - Revelstoke-20

Stephen emerges from the Revelstoke jungle. Photo Mason Mashon.

Mason Mashon Photo - NSMB - Revelstoke-19

Morgan Taylor logging miles. Photo Mason Mashon.

Mason Mashon Photo - NSMB - Revelstoke-17

Stephen and Mark making the most of the conditions. Photo Mason Mashon.

Mason Mashon Photo - NSMB - Revelstoke-21

We had descended into a much deeper forest approaching the river below. Photo Mason Mashon.

Mason Mashon Photo - NSMB - Revelstoke-22

What a place it was… Photo Mason Mashon.


And off into the sunset we rode, white robes and all. For the full story in moving pictures, check out Matt Dennison’s “Wild ‘N Out” video below.

For the full recap of our extended long weekend trip, check out Pete Roggeman’s Salmon Arm story and Morgan Taylor’s recap of our first day in Revelstoke

The snow is falling in Revy but we can’t help but think about getting back up there next year…

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stephenmatthews  - Nov. 18, 2013, 8:49 p.m.

I could spend a lot more time in Revelstoke, winter and summer. It's nice looking back on that trip now that coastal winter is starting to set in. We had such unbelievable weather on that trip, we were wake surfing til 10pm!

…and someone had to teach Paul how to Dance, that Brit has 2 left feet.


Trevor Hansen  - Nov. 18, 2013, 6:25 p.m.

I loved Revy on the big bike. Can't wait to go back with the small bike and hit all the epics Lorraine and Bruno raved about. I hear you can get glacier ice for your scotch on a few rides.


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