NSMB Staff Picks: Matt Lee

Words Matthew Lee
Date Dec 26, 2013

For my 2013 staff picks I’ve selected three things that I always wind up using, whether I intend to or not. All three are relatively simple, but when combined like Voltron, make for a most excellent riding experience. As an added bonus, none of the three run more than $120. Didn’t get what you hoped for at Christmas? Treat yourself instead.

Dissent Labs GenuFlex Socks

I know it may seem simple, and socks are often the butt of many a Christmas themed joke, but a good pair of socks can make or break a ride. Dissent Labs makes some of the best technical socks around and I often find myself wearing them everywhere, bike or no bike.


Dissent makes socks you’d be happy to find in your stocking.

Chromag Trailmaster Saddle

My Chromag Trailmaster saddle seems to find its way onto every single bike I wind up riding for an extended period of time. While some folks lean towards a super-thin saddle for the long drags, I can appreciate the extra little cushion for when I find myself out on my hard tail. It’s stood up nicely to nearly two seasons of abuse, and I fully plan to ride it into a third.


The Trailmaster comes in a variety of colours and flavours – what’s yours?

Maxxis High Roller II Tires

The HR II is another item that I find making it’s way from bike to bike on a regular basis. The combination of high grip and predictability while cornering make it my go-to front tire for pretty much every condition. The fact that it works equally well in both the dry and the wet is simply the icing on the cake.


Not light, but confidence inspring on the front of a trail bike.

Simple things that can be added to pretty well any bike… good times.

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AndrewR  - Jan. 6, 2014, 3:59 p.m.

Dissent socks are just the best!
Best tyre is Continental Mountain King 2.4″ Blakc Chilli Protection run tubeless.


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