The NSMB Podcast: Ep. 5 - Geoff Gulevich

Over the last 20 years, we’ve watched Geoff Gulevich evolve and grow from a fresh-faced 13-year-old grom into one of the most recognized freeriders in our sport. His career started about the same time that riding on the North Shore achieved worldwide renown and the two have grown together. From cedar skinnies up in the sky to the today's modern, flowy style, he has been there, first as a young local ripper with parts in Digger’s North Shore Extreme video series, moving on to global recognition with a big online following, working with companies like GoPro and lululemon in addition to his bike industry sponsors.

Throughout that time, Gully has been a mainstay in videos as well as freeride and slopestyle competitions, earning accolades and results but also the respect and admiration of fellow riders, fans, and the industry as a whole. His easygoing nature and friendly demeanour comes as naturally as greasing a massive booter, and that may be what people like most about him, but there is no shortage of reasons to be a fan. No boasting or ego here - just a grown-up kid who likes to have fun on his bike, who has matured along with the sport that he loves, and has brought us along for the ride.

I’m Pete Roggeman and this is episode 5 of the NSMB podcast, and for this one, Cam McRae and I sat down together with Geoff Gulevich - known to many of us as ‘Gully’ - to dive a little deeper.

Topics discussed:

  1. Gully's first bike and how the wheel got taco'ed on the first day.
  2. First-ever ride with a pro with Jay Hoots and knowing MTB was the career he wanted from the time he started.
  3. Getting his parents to forge his application to McDonald's so he could earn money for bike parts - at age 12!
  4. Competing at Rampage and slopestyle events like Joyride. 
  5. Guinea-pigging the Oakley sender and his biggest crash ever.
  6. Traveling the world as a competitor and then as an adventurer.
  7. Geoff collects pocket knives from places he travels to and commissioned Ethan Nell's dad to make custom knives for his groomsmen.
  8. The experience of his Fox News interview after Rampage in 2014.
  9. Social media, dealing with haters, a few tips for getting better GoPro footage.
  10. How GoPro has influenced his career.
  11. What advice would he give to Gully in the past?
  12. What does the future hold for Geoff Gulevich?

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