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North Shore Billet Announces Canadian Made Idler Pulleys

PRESS RELEASE: North Shore Billet

We’re proud to release our range of idler pulleys for high-pivot mountain bikes. The range currently features sixteen alloy idler pulleys and nine extra durable steel options.

When we partnered with Forbidden to manufacture their replacement idlers, we didn’t anticipate producing an entire range for other high-pivot bikes. After a couple of years of watching the high-pivot design become mainstream, we’ve chosen to offer idler pulley options for many popular high-pivot bikes such as Trek, Commencal, GT, Norco, Cannondale, Forbidden, and Devinci.


A selection of the available alloy idler pulley and idler pulley kits, including options for the GT Fury, Deviate Highlander, and Devinci Chainsaw.


Idler pulley kits are sold with an Enduro bearing and retention clip already in place.


Many of the idler pulleys contain our narrow-wide tooth profile for improved chain retention.


A range of currently available steel idler pulleys and idler pulley kits.

Many of the idlers include our narrow-wide tooth profile, assisting with chain retention. We machine them from 7075 T6 Aluminum and 4140 steel to give riders the most options. Each idler pulley, whether steel or aluminum, is available in a kit that includes an Enduro bearing and retaining clip or as an idler only, giving riders the choice of updating the bearing or using the one from their current idler. Aluminum idlers range in weight from 10g to 38g without the bearing. For those looking for the longest drivetrain life, our steel idlers feature a Nitrox coating, increasing surface hardness and decreasing wear on the pulley’s teeth. Steel pulleys range from 26g–40g without a bearing.

Like everything North Shore Billet, the idler pulleys are made in our Whistler machine shop from North American aluminum and steel. The growing range of idler pulleys is available now on our website and through our distribution partners.


Dave working on the steel idler pulley designs.


In the machine shaping alloy idler pulleys from billet aluminum.


The new alloy Norco Range idler pulley kit ready for action.

About North Shore Billet

Since 2003, NSB has been making high-quality Canadian-made bicycle components. First located in North Vancouver, we were drawn to Whistler for its diverse riding and small mountain town atmosphere. While being a small company in Whistler has allowed us to stay close to the roots of mountain biking, we strive to keep up with the latest manufacturing technologies and remain globally competitive.

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+1 Andrew Major

Love it, the only thing missing that would put me over the edge into ordering one for each my high single pivot bikes is colours!


+1 Lu Kz

I see some awesome looking, potential, steel single-speed cogs!

Maybe in the future?!


+1 Andrew Major

Oh yeah, totally. Some of them with bigger mounting interfaces don't seem that far off to me, revealing my total and utter lack of knowledge of CNC machines and design processes!

Steel chainring out front, steel NSB single-speed cog out back. Perfect chainline connecting the two. Now THAT's potential for a long-lasting drivetrain!



Is the narrow wide tooth pattern for 12 speed chains only?


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