Norco Launches New Sight, Includes Youth and Adult Models

New for 2020, Norco has updated their All-Mountain Sight platform, and brought some youth models into the mix. Catch the full release from them after the break.

Norco is introducing the much-anticipated 2020 Sight All-Mountain bike, featuring the Ride Aligned™ design system and so much more. When the Canadian company set out to redesign its most popular full-suspension mountain bike, they wanted to make a significant change in what riders expected from All-Mountain – so their engineering department created an entirely new way to design a bike.

Called Ride Aligned™, the Sight is the ultimate application of this new design system that’s found throughout the 2020 Norco lineup, including the most recently released Optic short-travel trail bike. Ride Aligned™ frame geometry places the rider’s centre of gravity – both seated and standing – at an optimum position for ideal weight distribution between the wheels for maximum grip and control.

By evolving the Gravity Tune concept to consider the rider’s centre of gravity, and considering vast amounts of anthropometric data to optimize each frame size, our engineers created a consistent weight distribution at the contact patch across the entire size range for riders of every build. By carefully selecting reach and seat tube angles along with precise steering geometry, they created the Sight’s distinct mix of crisp, confident handling and maximum grip.


Identifying the precise location of the center of gravity also allowed engineers to optimize the new Sight’s suspension kinematics for every rider on their ideal frame, and created the Ride Aligned™ Bike Setup Guide app. to make the most of every detail integrated into the Ride Aligned™ design.

The result? The Sight delivers maximum front and rear wheel grip on climbs and descents, maintains momentum and cadence in technical situations, and allows the suspension to move freely without absorbing drivetrain energy. This creates an All-Mountain experience that feels dynamic under rider input and provides a confident, stable chassis when charging through rough terrain.


2020 Norco Sight Models

The 2020 Sight is available in two complete carbon, three complete aluminum models, and as a frame kit in both materials. It’s also available in Norco’s Build Your Ride, Ride Your Build program for the ultimate custom All-Mountain experience. Carbon frames feature a carbon front triangle and two-piece carbon seat stays for maximum tire clearance, with robust aluminum chainstays for added stiffness and suspension precision.

The aluminum frames are engineered to offer a consistent ride quality throughout the entire Sight range. Riders can choose either 27.5” or 29” wheel models in a complete size range – each featuring the very same suspension kinematics and ride characteristics with 160mm of front and 150mm of rear travel.

Build Your Ride, Ride Your Build Models

The below three examples show the three available builds that can be configured to your choosing with any of the Sight frames. Like the deep red frame but want the top end Fox suspension and electronic shifting? You can do that. Likewise, our understanding is you can choose an alloy frame colour you desire, and one of these build kits.

2020 Norco Sight C SE

Norco Sight C Buildkit-1 – 8,697 USD/10,897 CAD

2020 Norco Sight C 2

Norco Sight C Buildkit-2 – 7,097 USD/8,497 CAD

2020 Norco Sight C 3

Norco Sight C Buildkit-3 – 5,848 USD/7,197 CAD

Regular Carbon Models

The C2, C3, and C4 models are your typical bike models. These are available as is but if you want one of the frame colours with a different build kit, you can opt for the build your own program.

Norco Sight C2

Norco Sight C2 – 5,199 USD/6,999 CAD

Norco Sight C3

Norco Sight C3 – 4,299 USD/5,399 CAD

Norco Sight C3 W

Norco Sight C3 W – 4,299 USD/5,399 CAD

Alloy Models

Not everyone wants carbon and Norco hasn't forgotten the alloy frame lovers. These also come in at a much more palatable cost but the top model – the A1 – features a reasonable looking build spec. though not the bling setup available on the carbon models. Want the bling suspension on the alloy frame. Jump into the Build Your Ride program.

Norco Sight A1

Norco Sight A1 – 4,499 USD/5,699 CAD

Norco Sight A1 W

Norco Sight A1 W – 4,499 USD/5,699 CAD

Norco Sight A2

Norco Sight A2 – 3,599 USD/4,599 CAD

Norco Sight A2 W

Norco Sight A2 W – 3,599 USD/4,599 CAD

Norco Sight A3

Norco Sight A3 – 2,799 USD/3,599 CAD

Norco Sight A3 W

Norco Sight A3 W – 2,799 USD/3,599 CAD


Youth Bikes

New for 2020 is the Sight Youth 27.5 for young riders seeking a rippin’ bike that offers all the Ride Aligned™ technology, handling and quality of the adult Sight, but is engineered with a more compliant aluminum frame, youth-tuned suspension components, and SDG Jr. touchpoints.




The 2020 Sight Aluminum is currently available at Norco dealers and through www.norco.com in partnership with a Norco dealer. All carbon models are scheduled to arrive in November.

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+1 Angu58

Wow, nice work Norco... the Sight has really evolved.  Had a 2017 Sight and still have great memories of that bike, it punched far above it's weight class even back then when it was a 140/150 "trail bike".  Now as a 150/160 with 64 degree head angle )63.5 in 27.5"!)..., 78 degree seat angle, 485 reach and 1262 wheelbase (Size large 29'r)... I'd say the Sight has grown from a capable trail bike into and Enduro bruiser!

Only gripe is the big leap in numbers between the medium and large.  But, what I've learned about all the new geometry designs from the last couple of years... you really can't just go by the numbers.  You have to get on the bike the designer intended your height to ride and feel what it's like... it'll often surprise you.


+3 mike Dan Cr4w

Certainly interested in checking it out more. I've spent a very short amount of time on the large and look forward to trying the XL. As you say, definitely need to try and get on the bikes with these new numbers and thankfully there are demo days/festivals where the opportunity to try them on the trails is available too.



My buddy had the large to demo for a week. I tried it and it felt smaller than my large framed bike. For a reach of 485 it did not feel it .



Definitely. Everyone that sits on my XL G1 says the same thing. Reach doesn't tell the story of how the cockpit is going to feel or how it's going to ride.


+1 Cr4w

some surprisingly aggressive numbers; nicely done. curious what the new range is going to look like; sounds like a fairly radical refresh is in the works.



It,s finally out , ran into the engineers testing it as a Mullet months back. Huge improvement , any idea if it,s coil-over compatible ???



A pity the build your ride page is 404 down the bottom of the world.

Well specced aluminium and thoroughly modern geo is compelling.



Yeah I would have liked to see an even longer reach on the XL with that kind of seat tube angle. Then again, I rented an XL Megatower this summer and it didn't feel all that bad and it's even shorter in the cockpit. All in all though, this is very close to the magic numbers I've been envisioning for my next bike with the exception of reach being a touch short. I am tempted to order one right away, but it seems no discounts are available as most shops will have placed their pre-season orders long ago. I'll wait till they are on shop floors and try to test ride one first.

if you look at the geo diagram on the website it suggests the effective seat tube is measured well above the effective top tube (unlike most other manufactures method of reporting). If this is true then the seat tube is the steepest from any North American brand that I am aware of. Big props for the size specific nature of this, Norco seems to be ahead of the curve with these new bikes compared to the other big players.


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