"Noise Adjustable" Endcaps Now Available from Industry Nine

Sometimes, you make an April Fool's day product so excellent, so perfect, that the public just demands to have it. Such is the case with Industry Nine's "Frequency Adjust Ratchet Technology Hydra hubs" (FART for short). Now for a limited time, you can purchase the Hydra hub endcap that goes to 11, and helps support Independent Arts & Music Asheville during the COVID-19 crisis. Get all the details below.

On April Fool’s we released a video featuring our all-new Frequency Adjust Ratchet Technology Hydra hubs, offering rider adjustable volume - which naturally goes all the way up to 11.

The response to the gag video was far more than we had anticipated. We received a massive amount of requests to make the novelty endcap “knob” be a reality, even if it doesn’t really do anything aside from look rock and roll. Well, to take things up to 11, we decided to do exactly that - we’re making these “Hydra FART volume adjust endcap” knobs a limited time offering.


Even better, we’re donating the proceeds of the sales to a local fund setup to benefit musicians who’ve lost income due to the virus outbreak.

Here’s how it works - Today, April 17th, through next Friday, April 24th, you can order Frequency Adjusting Ratchet Technology volume knob endcaps. These will fit Hydra and Torch rear hubs with 12x axles only, excluding 12x135 or 12x150. Once the ordering window has closed on Friday, April 24th, at 12:00am Eastern, there will not be any more orders taken. We will only make as many as are pre-ordered!

We’re music lovers - we assume you are too.

By participating in this April Fool’s fun, you’re doing something positive for Asheville musicians in addition to getting a cool endcap that’ll make your friends jealous and your bike more rockin’. We will be donating $25 from every endcap sale to support musicians and performing artists through the Independent Arts & Music Asheville (IamAVL) musician relief fund. Pick yours up through the link HERE.

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