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News Roundup: Week of June 24th

OneUp Components Launches All New Hubs

OneUp Components Hubs

Light enough for XC racing but strong enough for enduro abuse and E-bikes. The 7075 aluminum hub shell with integrated drive ring is super light and strong. Our simple hub design has fewer parts to reduce weight, increase reliability and makes maintenance a breeze.

  • Spacing: Boost front and rear
  • Holes: 28 and 32
  • Engagement: 44 points, 8.2 degrees
  • Weight front: 142g
  • Weight rear: 220g
  • Colours: Black, red, green, blue, orange, purple, grey
  • Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Freehub options: XDr, Microspline, HG
  • Spokes: J-Bend only
  • End Caps: tool free installation
  • Bearings: Front - MR17287, Rear 6902, Freehub 6802
  • Enduro silicone freewheel seal
  • Freehubs supplied with Dumonde Pro-x Grease

A ratchet style hub developed from a local company with a reputation for making simple, easy to service, and durable product has us excited here over at NSMB. They are a lightweight package, use bearings that are ubiquitous and easy to find, and 44 points of engagement strikes a nice balance between engagement and durability. In addition, 7 finishes is more than enough to satisfy all my teenage anodized fantasies. We will be getting a set to test and look forward to releasing a thorough review once one of our testers has spent ample time on them.

In the meanwhile, head over the to OneUp site for further details.

Starling Cycles introduces the Mini Murmur

The Mini-Murmur is a 120mm rear-travel Trail/XC/Down Country/do-whatever bike that’s really fun and really fast. More singletrack and big days out than winch-and-plummet enduro smashing, the Mini Murmur takes the best bits of Starling’s bikes and splices in a bit of XC, Trail and Down Country. The Mini-Murmur takes our award-winning, steel, handmade, single-pivot frame and morphs it into a zippy trail rocket.

All of the ‘feel’ of steel, built around 120mm rear travel, go-for-it geometry and lightweight components. It will be available as a frame-only or complete bike option, with complete bikes specced with DT Swiss’ awesome F232 ONE air suspension, fast Michelin rubber, DT wheels and lightweight Hope components.

Why make the Mini? Simply, because it’s a bike we love to ride and one that Starling’s founder Joe can't get enough of. Joe loves to be deliberately under-biked. He loves the challenge of combining short travel with fast tyres, creating a super exciting, super engaging experience. A bike that doesn’t need the biggest terrain or the steepest trails to be really, really fun but, it’s still perfectly at home when it finds them.

The Mini Murmur offers heaps of versatility. It’s perfect for a lunchtime power hour or local lap, but it’s not just a quick smash bike. A strong climber and a zippy singletrack shredder, the Mini is made for all-day, big-climbing epic adventures. For a huge day of up, along and down the Mini is a blast. We also hope that the Mini offers an extra avenue into Starling for more riders. We know that not everyone needs an all-guns blazing, coil-sprung enduro bike.


starling geometry

Customer Support

In an age of folding brands and brutally fussy warranty departments, we want to show the

customer that they come first. And we want to make simple and beautiful things that last for years, don’t become obsolete overnight and don’t need to be scrapped when you crash them. All of Starling V3 frames are supplied with a 7 year warranty against manufacturing defects. They’re also covered by a crash replacement service. Crash it and damage it and we’ll fix it. You pay the postage, we pay the labour and materials.

Our warranty and crash replacement service applies to original owners. All owners, new or non-original, have access to our repaint, refurbish and repair services. If your frame is looking worn-out, you can return it to us for fresh bearings, paint and graphics. If your frame is damaged, we can repair it and in some cases even upgrade it.

We can repair flared head tubes, dented tubes and broken or bent features such as tabs or brackets. We can’t do everything but in most cases we can keep your frame running for years. Non original/outside of warranty owners will incur a cost for the work but we’re confident that it’s awesome value and we have several owners shredding frames that are several years old.

Availability and Pricing

The Mini Murmur will be available worldwide. Customers can order via Starling Cycles or through any of our dealers throughout the world. Local dealers allow us to provide more certainty over import costs/taxes and shipping, they often hold local demo bikes and often hold stock meaning reduced lead-times.

Specs and pricing may vary between what’s available at Starling and in our various dealers.

Frame price, minus shock: £2,150

Frame price, with DT shock: £2,549

Complete price, including VAT: £7,650

You can learn more about the Starling Cycles Mini Murmur on the Starling Cycles site.

Velocio Renewed Gives Reconditioned Cycling Apparel a Second Life in the Saddle

Londonderry, NH (June 20, 2024)—Velocio, makers of performance cycling apparel, is pleased to announce the relaunch of Velocio Renewed with an all-new trade-in option. The refreshed program includes a collection of revived, repurposed, and reconditioned apparel that is ready for a second life in the saddle.

Buying secondhand apparel not only saves cyclists money, but also reduces the environmental impact on the planet. The production of new clothing requires a large amount of natural resources. Buying one used item reduces its carbon, waste, and water footprint by 82 percent, furthering Velocio’s commitment to a better, more sustainable riding experience.

Velocio Renewed originally launched in August of 2021 to give apparel a second life, save waste from the landfill, and provide customers with more options. Now, partnering with Tersus Solutions for cleaning and repair, and Archive as the resale service provider, Velocio has added a new trade-in option for existing customers, a new website, and new stock of renewed kit.


How it works: the renewal process

Velocio is renewing products that have been traded in for store credit or returned through our Signature Guarantee and Returns program. Some products have been worn and show minor wear, some have tears or abrasions that are promptly repaired, while others have minor cosmetic defects and cannot be restocked and sold as “new”.

These products are sent to Tersus Solutions where they are sorted for quality inspection Most products still have a lifetime of cycling left in them and are sent through the renewal process. However, upon inspection, some items do not meet the renewal criteria. These products are donated when possible or recycled and made into materials that can be used in other products and industries.


After sorting, items are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to a “clean as new standard” using the Tersus cleaning system. Products are identified and go through a quality check, then they are repaired by highly trained repair technicians, if needed. Lastly, everything must pass a final quality assurance inspection.

Once all steps of the renewal process have been completed, the product is ready to be resold for a second life of use. Extending a product’s lifecycle and buying secondhand is one the most proven methods for reducing apparel’s carbon footprint. Velocio Renewed ensures the product will last many more miles, giving consumers a more sustainable option for cycling apparel.

Velocio Renewed products are available HERE

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+4 bushtrucker Hardlylikely paradox@Goet Alex_L

Nice to see DT Swiss finally offering their hubs in pretty colors.


+1 bushtrucker

Pretty colors and cheaper!


+2 paradox@Goet Mammal

A ratchet style hub developed from a local company.

And they've relocated to BC too!


+2 bushtrucker Mammal

Practical, pretty and price, I’m into these hubs.


+2 bushtrucker paradox@Goet

I fear the 8° engagement will put off many riders who prefer much quicker action. Personally it doesn’t make a huge difference to me. Lighter, cheaper, spare parts for cheap. Lots to like.


+2 paradox@Goet Andy Eunson

If you want locally made affordable and reliable hubs with higher poe, check out tairin hubs


+1 Andy Eunson

Like OneUp, Tairin are designed, but not made in BC. As per their website: "Machined overseas but assembled, QC'ed, and finished in house Surrey, BC." The only Canadian made hubs are Project321, made in Ontario.


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