News Roundup - Week of October 20th

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Commencal Reveals New Clash Kids Range

To own a Clash is to feel like part of a team. Whether it’s the adult version or the Kids model, the Clash is playful and lively, and made with care by us. With 3 years of good and loyal service, it was important timing to overhaul the Clash Kids. Everything is new and beautiful - new kinematics perfectly suited to kids, top-of-the-range parts and all with exceptional handling.

Today, the Clash Kids is now a benchmark for all young DH riders who want to start riding bike park or competing.

"I’m Faster than Dad" becomes the rallying cry!

We are continuously committed to improving our bikes. In order to continue to strive for better, more upmarket bikes, we use our previous platforms to determine specific points of improvement.

Now based on an all-new chassis, the Clash Kids uses a virtual pivot kinematic designed to provide liveliness, sensitivity and comfort to the lightest riders. The Clash 20/24/JR and XS also have a specific series of tubes adapted to the weight of the riders. The idea is to improve various points:

- Largely lighter frames with reduced tube profiles.
- Rigidity and flexibility of the frame balanced better for children's weights.
- Reduced bearing sizes.
- A completely reworked look.

To see the full lineup of Clash Kids bikes, head over to the Commencal Kids landing page.


Canfield Bikes Launches the New Yelli Screamy Aluminum Hardtail

Back by popular demand, the all-new Yelli Screamy is longer and slacker with increased reach across all sizes and a 65.5-degree head-angle (with 130mm fork), yet retains its rally car-like handling thanks to 16.7-inch (424mm) chainstays and signature Canfield geo. Crafted from 6061 series aluminum for a compliant ride, the Yelli features stealth dropper routing, ISCG tabs, Boost spacing and three water bottle mounts.

“The original Yelli was the 29er that we wanted to ride,” says Lance Canfield, owner and designer. “It didn’t exist, so we built it. We loved the speed and rollover of the big wheels, but 29-inch mountain bikes just weren’t fun to ride back then. We changed that.”

When it debuted in 2011, the Canfield Yelli Screamy was the first 29-inch mountain bike with sub-17-inch chainstays and aggressive all-mountain geometry. At the time, it was the only hardtail 29er that didn’t ride like one, and proved that a lightweight, efficient mile-muncher could still make you smile on the descents.

Today, that spirit lives on in the third generation. Slice and dice singletrack. Rail pump tracks and jump lines. Load it with frame bags and get lost. Keep up with your spandex-clad friends on the climbs and embarrass them on the descents. The Yelli Screamy remains one of the most versatile and fun bikes in the Canfield lineup.

Available with Orange Dreamcycle, Purple Haze, Slate Train and Blue It powder coat finishes in S, M, L and XL. Frame only options start at $799.99 and complete bikes start at $3,399.99. Frame and fork bundles are also available. The Yelli Screamy is available for pre-order now with expected January, 2022 delivery at

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WTB Launches Range of TCS Tire Sealant

TCS Tubeless Tire Sealant is a dependable, thoroughly-tested sealant formula that completes WTB’s patented TCS system of tubeless tires, rims, wheels, valves, tape and sealant. WTB’s proprietary formula quickly repairs ¼” (6mm) punctures by encapsulating fibers and crystalline particles within the puncture to create a flexible, long-lasting repair. TCS Tubeless Tire Sealant uses an ammonia-free tackifying process to seal punctures rather than the evaporative effects of many ammonia-based formulas. As a result, our sealant performs better in wet, unforgiving conditions where other sealants have trouble clotting due to minimal evaporation. WTB sealant also features synthetic latex to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction for individuals with allergies to natural latex products.

TCS Tubeless Tire Sealant is optimized for temperatures down to 15°F (-9.4°C), which increases sealing performance without altering the formula for extremely cold conditions. Competitors’ formulas often use more antifreeze in order to operate in temps down to 0°F or below. Accepting higher minimum temps allowed WTB to improve sealing performance by reducing the amount of antifreeze and replacing it with additional synthetic latex. 

Sealant may seem like a fairly straightforward product to develop. It simply has to sit in a tire and seal punctures, right? Even if it were that simple, we had no desire to relabel somebody else's formula and call it good.  We developed and thoroughly tested our sealant for two years to be completely confident that TCS Tubeless Tire Sealant is the best option for quickly and dependably repairing ¼” (6mm) punctures. 

TCS Tubeless Tire Sealant is available in four sizes; 4oz and 8oz bottles for installing up to four tires and larger 16oz and 32oz bottles for every workbench. All bottles feature measuring gradients in both ounces and milliliters to easily determine how much sealant is being poured. Our all-new TCS Tubeless Tire Sealant is currently available in Europe and will be available on bike shop shelves across North America this fall.

Rapha Announces Winter MTB Clothing Lineup

Put to the test in B.C.’s wettest weather, Rapha’s Autumn/Winter mountain bike collection is designed to keep you on the trail despite the change of seasons. With technical mid-layers and outerwear that allow you to embrace the conditions and keep riding, there’s no reason to stay inside when the weather turns cool.

The best season for mountain biking has finally arrived. Fall weather offers the opportunity for adaptation – and the return of our beloved hero dirt. Rainstorms rehydrate thirsty trails, which deliver dreamlike traction on ribbons of singletrack buried deep in the woods. With all-time-high trails comes all-time-low weather. The solution? A whole new range of autumn/winter products from Rapha’s range of Performance Trailwear. With weather-ready and DWR-treated layers such as the Trail Lightweight Jacket, Windblock Jersey, and Trail Pants, to fall staples like the Trail Long Sleeve Technical T-Shirt and Trail Hip Pack, the trails are yours to savour. This collection is intended for those who believe that staying inside is not an option and that the best riding is earned, not given

Field tested on the weather-beaten peaks of B.C., this new collection has earned its stripe. These new pieces were put through the wringer in some of the nastiest riding conditions we could find in Pemberton during a predictably wet week of fall riding. The riders didn’t suffer, and neither will you. This gear is tested to the limits, to keep you comfortable and dry when it matters most, so you can keep riding. .

To view the full lineup, head over to the Rapha MTB landing page.

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