News Roundup - Week of March 8th


Introducing the Transition Bikes Repeater

Buckle up and get ready to charge, the Repeater is down for anything. With 160mm travel, 29 inch wheels, the Shimano EP8 motor system, and a 630w battery, you can maximize fun on the ups and the downs. Whether it's a quick rip after work, ditching the shuttle truck, or just the pure joy of exploring that you are after, the Repeater loves it all. Like all of our other beloved bikes, the Repeater has SBG geometry and our GiddyUp suspension, so you’ll feel right at home the moment you turn on the power.


  • Full carbon frame
  • Integrated stealth cable routing
  • 160mm travel front and rear
  • 29" wheels
  • Shimano EP8 motor and 630W battery
  • 3 builds - AXS, GX, and NX

Pricing (USD)

NX - $8199
GX - $9499
AXS - $10,999

For more, head over to the Transition Bikes website HERE

The Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro Team is Back!

The Rocky Mountain Race Face team first came together back in 2018 and has left its mark on enduro racing over the past four years. Our long relationship with Race Face dates back to 1993, when our two brands were under one roof designing product to meet the needs of aggressive riders. Fast forward nearly 30 years and while our two brands have grown and separated, the historical bond is as strong as ever.

At the heart of the Rocky Mountain Race Face team are our riders; Jesse Melamed, Andréane Lanthier Nadeau, and Rémi Gauvin. These talented Canadians have all been on the program since its inception and have risen to the top while taking on the best in the world. The riders’ ability to perform on and off the track has made for an unforgettable period in racing. 

The mutual dedication between our brands and athletes has built a powerful and memorable enduro program. This team has been an exciting chapter in the long history between Rocky Mountain and Race Face, and we’re stoked to be back for another year.

Rainer Colab.jpg

Handup Gloves Launches HANDUP x Rainier Beer Collab

A day in the summer sun delivers all the Vitamin D we need. A tall glass of orange juice get's us our daily dose of Vitamin C. But, when it's Friday, and the clock strikes 5, it's time to get some Vitamin R...

But What's Vitamin R?

It's a 12oz (or preferably a 16oz) dose of Rainier Beer. The beautiful bubbly amber ale that flows from the Mountain water of the Pacific North West. We loved it so much that we partnered with them to bring you the best gloves for hangin' on to bars and Rainier Beers.

We didn't stop at gloves either! Rainier Socks & Hawaiian Button up Jerseys are available for post-work hot laps or just a trip to the local pub.

Check out the whole collection HERE

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Do I remember correctly that Hand Up was acquired by Pit Viper, or is that just my imagination getting the better of me?



Nothing PNW about Rainier beer- It’s brewed and owned in California.


It is now but it has an over 100-year legacy in the PNW and the old brewery is still standing. Still, it's a shame that it, like so many other brands in the beer world, has been gobbled up by much bigger fish and now exists solely as a label on a can that has little to do with its history, rather than an iconic brand.

Cool gloves, though, if you're into Rainier.



Right on Pete. Your 100 year legacy is accurate since Rainier started in 1877 and sold to Pabst in 1977. I was 7 years old then and hardly ever saw Rainier beer in Seattle. So the “return” is odd to me. I think the old brewery was Tullys HQ by the time I could legally drink. I’m not gonna hate on Rainier for what it is, but the PNW has such a rich beer legacy which is worth celebrating (gonna pour one now!). Just in terms of Mountain biking, pFriem, Kulshan, Structures and Odin all deserve props. I’d like some Ft George, Structures or Great Notion gloves personally.


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