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Canyon Announce New CLLCTV Pirelli Team

Over the past 10 years, Canyon riders and their bikes have achieved some outstanding results in the world of gravity racing. Starting with victories in Enduro, followed closely by Downhill, the company has built its knowledge and understanding at the highest level of competition by working with some of the best athletes in the world. And now, Canyon are looking to share this knowledge and expertise through their support of an all-new program focused on finding and developing the world's best future talents. This is the Canyon CLLCTV Pirelli DH Team.

The program will sit alongside the existing CLLCTV Teams, including the Canyon CLLCTV Factory Team and the Canyon CLLCTV FMD Team. Where these established CLLCTV teams have their sights set on the sport's top honours, Canyon CLLCTV Pirelli will concentrate on supporting emerging talents helping them to learn and progress on the biggest stage in downhill racing, the UCI DH World Cup Series.

To post fast times on track, riders need a fast setup. Their race bikes will centre around the formidable Sender CFR chassis, and component sponsors have been hand picked to deliver ultimate performance. A key partner for the team is tyre giant Pirelli who bring an entirely new approach and level of ingenuity when it comes to tyre development from the world of motorsport to the MTB race circuit. Pirelli will work with the team to optimise their new Scorpion range of gravity treads. Alongside them, Dainese will also play an important role in the team - providing the racers' apparel and protective gear.

The squad, which will be made official by the UCI in a few days and will be managed by DH veteran Roberto Vernassa, lists four young promises of the Gravity world. The Italian Loris Revelli, previous National DH and Enduro Champion, the young American gravity hopeful Dante Silva, the French Antoine Pierron, the youngest of the infamous Pierron family and the promising German junior rider Henri Kiefer: they will all race Downhill events.

Of course, this wouldn't be a Canyon CLLCTV race program without the mentorship of French DH and Enduro legend Fabien Barel, one of the driving forces behind this new team. He states: "the new team is the result of an ambitious project to find the next generation of top-level racers. I believe we have put together a team of athletes with great prospects and skills. It's exciting to see these self-supported riders who, today, thanks to Pirelli, Canyon and Dainese, are making an important leap into professional racing. In my opinion, many of them will soon be climbing the top ranks."

Mondraker Recycle Box.jpg

Mondraker Bikes Now Shipping in 100% Recyclable Packaging

Environmental issues and images are constantly highlighted to us in the news and fill our social media feeds daily. As a manufacturer, we know there are positive steps and changes we can make to help lessen our impact on the world. In this regard, here at Mondraker, we have been making a concerted effort over the last few years to become more sustainable and environmentally aware.  To take steps toward this goal and to further play our part, for the 2022 season and beyond,  all packaging used on our new bicycles will be 100% plastic-free and 100% recyclable. No zip-ties, plastic or foam will be found in the boxes, and everything can be easily recycled locally by dealers.  

The new boxes have been designed from the ground-up, in-house at Mondraker, to be easily recycled by the end user. All external and internal protective elements have been custom-made to save landfill waste.  It has taken a lot of time and effort along with multiple prototypes to design the perfect solution. The effort, however, has been worthwhile and we can now say that as well as making the best bikes in the world, we also make the best boxes too. 


Along with no plastic packaging, zip-ties, or foam inside the boxes, all adhesive tape used is made from rice, the security seal on the box is made using potato pulp and the adhesives are organic. The boxes also include 2 reusable Velcro straps, so the packaging is recyclable and reusable. Outside the box organic, biodegradable ink is used as well.

One of the key design parameters of the new boxes, as well as using only 100% recyclable materials, was that the bike should be at least as well protected as in the past, but the result of the new packaging is that the contents are actually better protected than ever before. We’ve even reduced the boxes overall volume when compared to the old ones too, which saves on shipping space and assembly times can be reduced by the end user thanks to the new internal layout inside the box.


At Mondraker, we believe that it makes perfect sense for us to mirror the e-vehicle we create and that we should generate the least waste possible from its manufacture, all the way through to the end user. Therefore, we are committed and ethically obliged to generate the least possible pollution in all phases of production from start to finish. We know this isn’t the whole solution but it is certainly a progressive step towards a goal.

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Brage Vestavik, Jaxson Riddle, and Reece Wallace Join Marzocchi

In 2021, the world watched new and upcoming freeriders bring the sport to a different level. As we kick off 2022, we want to share the stoke on some big names joining Marzocchi, each with big possibilities for helping build this movement further.

Brage Vestavik, Jaxson Riddle, and Reece Wallace are three riders that pushed freeride culture and continue to bring their own unique views and we’re excited to welcome them to the Marzocchi team.

“When considering core riders and unique personalities, Brage, Jaxson, and Reece all come to mind. As we planned out 2022 and beyond, it was clear that bringing these 3 onto the Marzocchi team and supporting their visions would be key. Not only for Marzocchi but also for the progression of the sport and culture of freeride.” - William Blouin-Comeau, Marzocchi Sports Marketing

Brage Vestavik - The winner of hearts and minds after dropping what most consider the best edit of 2021, Brage searches for freedom outside the status quo. After years of building and growing the riding scene in Norway, he’s bringing a fresh perspective with hints of OG freeride to the rest of the world. Though he’s still rehabbing a shoulder injury post Rampage crash, we expect him to come back stronger and likely wilder than before.

Jaxson Riddle - Coming off an impressive year, including the Most Stylish Run at Red Bull Rampage, Jaxson looks to continue pushing boundaries with his own unique style. Alongside his new teammates, we can expect some big moto whips and hopefully catch him ripping his El Camino through the desert – because, why not!

Reece Wallace - Canadian athlete and pilot Reece is known for his creative concepts and stories in the backwoods of BC. Taking on new builds, custom bike projects, and a load of content for 2022 and beyond, we look forward to seeing what’s to come. Long live the BC freeriding scene.

We look forward to having Brage, Jaxson, and Reece embed themselves into the truly bomber Marzocchi team alongside returning athletes in 2022 and beyond. If what we have seen in the past year is only the start, we can only image what all 3 will bring to life. Keep your eyes open – madness is coming.

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Sea to Sky Gravity Club Comes Online in BC

With over 40 years combined experience, head coaches Jaime Hill from Hilltop MTB and Katrina Strand from Strand Training have come together to create a unique Youth Performance and Development Program.

The ‘Sea to Sky Gravity Club’ is geared towards strong intermediate to advanced youth, ages 11-18, committed to progression and personal growth both on and off the bike.

Athletes interested in taking part in this enriched training environment, may already be competing, entering competition, or considering competition in the future.

Both Katrina and Jaime, alongside all coaches of this program, believe the competition pathway can be an incredible avenue for one to grow and learn, if high-quality mentorship and development, tailored to the needs and specifications of each athlete is at the forefront of programming.

"This program is much more than just a mountain bike club. Jaime and the entire coaching team embody and teach values that go beyond the sport. As a retired National Team Athlete, and more importantly as a parent, I have witnessed the most outstanding environment for our youth to learn and grow."
—Pascale Gadbois, mother of Charlotte, one of 2021's athletes

This program brings together riders spanning Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton and involves monthly training camps that explore skill development, mental strength techniques and competitive strategy coaching, alongside workshops that delve into different topics such as goal setting, nutrition and injury prevention. As well, all youth will be set up for individual check-ins that are tailored to each athlete's goals and objectives, offering riders an opportunity to be involved in planning their future path of growth and development.

Application process:
All interested athletes are required to apply to ensure a cohesive and dedicated team of riders are selected. The application period is now open until February 6th, so if you're an aspiring young Mountain Bike Athlete, act quick!

For additional info or to apply, head on over to either Hilltop MTB or Strand Training!

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