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Jason is Back at Mahalo My Dude

The title says it all. Jason Lucas is back in the fold at Mahalo My Dude, as they gear up for another year of delivering fresh content and "sick edits."

The Mega Volt Returns for 2022

The BC Bike Race in cooperation with the Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society would like to announce a most “Excellent Adventure”; The return of the MEGA VOLT, Part II. This is a Fully Charged E-MTB Experience which will take place June 3-5, 2022, once again in the pristine and beautiful Cowichan Valley. Registration opens Feb 16th at 12pm PT.

The world has been waiting for the MEGA VOLT, it’s back again and it’s Mega Awesome! Last year as strange as the world was, we still rallied a rowdy bunch of the E-Mountain Bike Nation to an E-Mtb festival of most amazing experiences. This is North America’s only multi-day E-Mountain Bike Fest. Come on down and check it out.

The MEGA VOLT is a weekend of different course styles, aimed to be both challenging but ultimately extremely fun! To explore the full potential of the E-Mountain bike we have devised a number of unorthodox formats and routes to both showcase this legendary region, the capabilities of the E-MTB and the abilities of the E-Riders. Fasten your seatbelts and hang on for the second gathering of the E-Mountain bike Nation at the MEGA VOLT, Part II. We’re flipping the script and everyone will be a winner in this weekend of amazing single-track, challenging routes and hi-fives.


It will remain very much the same as last year, just tweaked to maximize the riding time and boost the fun factor to 11. Two and a half days of Rip Snorting good times.

Friday: Consistency Enduro, based on last year’s course, the first route of the weekend will be lengthened with details coming soon. As usual, it will include some apres and a chance to scout some of the following days' routes.

Saturday: As with last year, this will be a doubleheader, two mid-length shred sessions with slightly different vibes, and one consistent theme: Mega Awesome! With a mid-day re-charge, the meat and potatoes will remain much the same as last year.

Sunday- Fun Day: Social Fun Ride – Maximize the exploration of the Cowichan Valley’s famous trails. Leave no stone unturned on a mission to ride as much as humans and machines can handle on a curated singletrack extravaganza, that takes in all the locals' favorites.


Registration opens Feb 16th at 12pm PT. There will be limited spots available for this gathering of the E-Bike Nation.

Get more information at

Push Yourself, Not the Planet! Casey Brown and Mons Royale Partner for Earth

Mons Royale, creators of high-performance merino apparel, is excited to announce Casey Brown as the newest member of their heavy-hitting team. Casey joins Mons bike athletes such as Robin Goomes, Conor McFarlane and Peter Kaiser. This partnership represents a shared vision for a sustainable future, and a fierce dedication to the process and progression.

Here’s Casey’s take: “This switch to a natural fibre brand is a very intentional decision for me. I had opportunities with bigger brands - but I’m so stoked that now I’m able to choose a sustainable partner that aligns with my values - I am ALL in!” 

Casey Brown is a global player on the leading edge of women’s biking - an incredible all-rounder with a predilection for the dark art of freeride. Casey has been twice crowned the Queen of Crankworx, boasts five whip-off titles and was the first woman invited to Proving Grounds. However, it’s not the titles or her Proving Grounds invite that fills her with pride, but that today, Proving Grounds hosts a full complement of women in their event.  

Growing up on the wild west coast of New Zealand, Casey felt no separation between herself and nature. This close connection was the clincher for joining the Mons Royale family. The partnership is another stepping stone for Casey to live her values, encouraging bikers around the world to move from carbon-intensive synthetics to natural fibers.  

Earlier in her career, securing any kind of sponsorship support was a feat in itself, but today, Casey has the credentials to choose partnerships that align to her values. Today, Casey still has her nose applied firmly to the grindstone. When she’s not taking the hits on a bike, Casey is dedicated to being a climate positive role model through her personal choices, her nonprofit work and the labour of love that is rewilding her 360 acre family farm.

Building her craft to progress the sport of freeride biking was also a monumental journey, riddled with highs and lows. Pursuing the elemental shift in attitude from event organisers and sponsors, Casey affected change in the industry’s perceptions of women’s biking. Casey’s Dark Horse event is what she has described as a crowning moment. Speaking to what drives her, Dark Horse is not a title but an event that she designed to progress her sport. Women’s progression. Advancement of environmental issues. These are the things that keep Casey motivated. 

Casey says that a core function of her role is to inspire bikers to get out in nature, feel its benefits and advocate for its regeneration. Leading by example, Casey was involved in the Fairy Creek occupation. Joining teams of environmentalists, Casey sought the protection of old growth in British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. Casey hopes that in addition to advocating for nature, she can inspire fans to vote with their wallets - by buying responsibly made products.  

Environmentally, Mons Royale is making power moves in the right direction. Their partnership with ZQ merino has been a catalyst toward a more sustainable future. They are not perfect but today, the team is focused on measurement. From the impact of their products, ZQRX (regenerative wool), to circularity and supply chain transparency, Mons Royale is focused on continued progression, lowering their impact, and the impact of every rider on the planet.  

Mons Royale, Casey Brown. Better, together. This partnership signifies a positive step for both the athlete, the planet, and the brand. It is underlined with commitment to keep each other honest and striving toward progression.

Norco Dirt Series_03.jpg

Norco Bicycles Partners with Dirt Series

Norco Bicycles is excited to announce a new partnership as title sponsor of the Dirt Series mountain bike camps.

"Dirt Series is extremely proud to partner with Norco as our new Title Sponsor! We couldn't ask for a better fit for our program, as Dirt Series and Norco are both communities of passionate mountain bikers, equally dedicated to making mountain biking more accessible and fun for womxn across North America.” Said Meagen Dennis, Owner/Managing Director.

“Our focus is instilling confidence in all riders, of all ability levels, in all mountain biking disciplines and locations. By having fun, being outside and getting dirty - our camps build fundamental skills and a lifelong passion for mountain biking, and Norco's ideology echoes our vision to a T!”

The touring camps have focus on providing female-identifying riders safe, inclusive learning weekends at venues across North America since 2001. As they have evolved over the past two decades, their mission has broadened, encouraging members of the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities to get outside and discover mountain biking in a supportive atmosphere.

The 44-event roster zigzags Canada and the US throughout 2022 providing attendees with learning experiences and instructors focused on their unique ability and preferred riding style. With so many options, riders can attend the most convenient, close-by venue, or plan a destination vacation around a camp at a dream location.

A quarter of the Dirt Series event roster is All-Gender, but 33 of the camps remain true to the series’ founding mission, including 10 weekends specifically for youth womxn.

“When I found out we had an opportunity to work with Meg and her amazing program, my immediate thought was ‘How can we help?’. Mountain biking is a sport of discovery – not just of skills and places – but strength, determination and community.” Said Peter Falk, Norco VP of Marketing.

“With a broader spectrum of people on the trail, all of our experiences are heightened. Our stories are made richer. By providing space and opportunity for thousands of new faces every year, the Dirt Series program is great for the culture of riders that we’re all a part of.”

Dirt Series registration opens February 15.

The 2022 event schedule is live now!

Ride Like A Girl.jpg

Ride Like a Girl Now Accepting Applications from BC Athletes for 2022

Ride Like a Girl is now accepting applications from BC athletes for the 2022 mentorship program. This season, up to twenty female mountain bike athletes between the ages of 13 to 17 years old will have the opportunity to be matched with outstanding, established mentors in their cycling discipline.

Athletes selected for the program will have the opportunity to receive guidance, racing advice and have an opportunity to meet and ride with their mentors, as well as participating in a variety of events and skill clinics.

"Ride Like A Girl is fueled by the value of connection. We know how much it means to these young athletes to have a space where they can be authentic in a supportive and accepting environment. I love watching them try their hardest, excel and meet their goals and then laugh and goof off together when they're not dancing under the lights. The relationship building with their mentors and other athletes and their contributions to their local bike communities provides the girls with experiences that promote meaning, support and connection," said Ride Like a Girl Board Member, Lisa Ludwig.

"We have such great momentum leading into 2022. Last year's participants shared that they would love to have more opportunities to connect and ride with each other and we are hoping to have more freedom to connect in person this year. I look forward to the girls getting together to ride at our skills camps and socially, and maybe even our Crankworx picnic! It is just so great when the athletes seek each other out at races or on their own free time to ride, chat and connect," Ludwig added.

"The number of girls in our sport is growing quickly and the level of talent and skill is unprecedented! They aren't just girls on bikes anymore, but solid competitors in our industry and pushing the limits. Athletes must work hard, stay dedicated and focused on achieving their goals. We take pride in creating a safe space and community to gain confidence, to learn what is possible and to gain knowledge by inspiring and supporting one another. Ride Like a Girl is a program for youth to discover their potential and strengthen themselves in preparation for the rest of their lives," said CJ Hendren of GravityMTB and Ride Like a Girl Board Member.

"One of the best things ever is to witness the learning, the growth of the individual and the confidence that develops both on and off the bike. We are always most excited about our athletes making connections in our community with like-minded girls who love bikes while creating long-lasting and supportive friendships," Hendren added.

“The skills clinics were my favourite part of the program this year, having organized rides with other girls on Vancouver Island was really fun. These opportunities were a great way to meet and get to know some of the girls I race with better,” said Kimberly Chen, 15, a XC, Enduro and Cyclocross athlete from Victoria.

"I really enjoyed meeting other talented riders and getting paired up with an amazing mentor who showed me her local trails and shared race knowledge with me," says Sophia Ervington, 16, a downhill and enduro athlete from Powell River.

Athletes have the opportunity to connect with other athletes their age, be matched with a mentor, and participate in events such as group rides, trail days and skills clinics. Ride Like a Girl (RLG) also offers monthly online mentor chats covering a range of topics from sports nutrition to mental preparation, sponsorship, goal setting, strength training, bike maintenance and much more. These chats enable athletes from across the Province from Fernie to Kamloops to Squamish to Victoria, BC to hear from industry experts and connect with one another and program mentors.

"Ride Like a Girl is a great program that allows female athletes to connect personally with other like minded females. The program provides the opportunity for the girls to ask questions so they can reflect and grow within the sport mentally and physically. Having been a mentor for the last two years, I have been able to connect and work with a young athlete who is continuing on her path as an enduro cyclist. I have watched her gain confidence, navigate her cycling disciplines, and develop a race mentality. It is amazing to see the determination she has to attain her athletic goals, all while completing high school and establishing her post secondary career path. Deep relationships have forged and I am so grateful to have been a part of her life and the RLG program," says Dawn Anderson, a cross-country mentor.

Ride Like a Girl is accepting applications until February 27, 2022 for both the Athlete and Ambassador Programs. Individuals applying as an athlete to the program must be between the ages of 13 to 17 years old, live in British Columbia, and have some racing/freeriding experience or be actively involved in their local cycling community. A passion for community involvement and experience including coaching, trail building, helping with races and events, and other volunteer pursuits are an asset for applicants. The Ride Like a Girl Ambassador Program is open to former program athletes who have a demonstrated commitment to volunteering in the cycling community, and are a positive role model for younger females.

For more info and to apply, please visit

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