The New Transition Patrol Goes Coil

We're going back to our roots, the simpler times. When you would grab your bike and head out for the weekend. You might encounter a day of pedalling and a day of shuttling, and you need your bike to do it all.

It's a way of life, not just about your shock. You might see your friend take a different line, that's #oncoil. You might watch your friend try a new move, jump or feature, that's #oncoil. You might watch your friend jump their truck, that's most definitely #oncoil.

In response to the mass influx of inquires about installing coil shocks on the Patrol, we're proud to announce all Patrols now come #oncoil. Here's your chance to take a step back, grab your bike, and leave your shock pump at home.

  • Coil shock on all completes and framesets
  • SRAM Centerline 200mm F and 180mm R brake rotors on all builds
  • SRAM Code brakes on all builds
  • RockShox Lyrik and Super Deluxe Coil now included on alloy NX complete
  • Patented Loam Shelf Meter on all builds and framesets
XO1 Coral Blue.jpg

Carbon XO1 in Coral Blue (shown) and TR Grey with Orange accents. Fox DHX2 Factory 2 Position $6199 USA MSRP

GX (2).jpg

Carbon GX in TR Grey with color matched accents. RockShox Super Deluxe Coil Select+ RT $3399 USA MSRP

GX Coral Blue.jpg

Alloy GX in Coral Blue with color matched accents. Fox DHX2 Factory 2 Position $4399 USA MSRP


Alloy NX. RockShox Super Deluxe Coil Select R $3399 USA MSRP


All models include our patented Loam Shelf Meter.


Kelend demonstrating the ideal way to fill your Loam Shelf Meter


When #ONCOIL it's easy to turn it up


Or down


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