New From PNW Components: The Fern Dropper Post

Date Sep 2, 2021

Like all the best breakfast cereals in the world, our all-new Fern Dropper Post is specifically designed for the kiddos. Capitalizing on the reliability and ease of our standard droppers, the Fern simply requires less weight and effort to drop that saddle and get rowdy in the dirt.

Standard dropper posts don't work well for younger riders because they require too much body weight to drop the saddle and too much force to actuate the lever - so even if your tot is eating their Wheaties every morning, they're left out of the same benefits we all enjoy from adding a dropper post to our rides. Our all-new Fern Dropper Post tackles this issue with a specifically-designed cartridge to operate at lower pressures.

The minimum rider weight necessary to actuate the post is 44lbs (20kg) while the maximum rider weight supported at full post extension is 110lbs (50kg).

Fern 1.jpg

Unlike last year's shoes, the Fern's 27.2 diameter and external cable routing ensure your kiddo won't be growing out of this post in one season. No matter what their next bike might be, cable routing requirements and seat post diameter won't be the limiting factor. Plus, the Fern uses all the same technology and design from our reliable line of Pine Droppers, which are known for their durability, meaning this post is meant to last.

Fern 4.jpg

We took our notes from real life parents who told us a typical dropper requires too much effort for small hands to actuate. The low pressure cartridge in the Fern tackles this problem as it requires less force to get the dropper to move up and down. This means you can pair this post with any of our levers and get the same drop, with less effort.

Fern 3.jpg

The Fern Dropper Post isn't just about getting your own little shredders into the dropper post game; it's about getting more kids into cycling in general. With that in mind, we've partnered with Trips for Kids, an organization dedicated to providing access to cycling for all kids from all walks of life. 5% of every Fern Dropper Post sold will be donated to Trips for Kids to help support their mission.

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mrbrett  - Sept. 3, 2021, 8:25 a.m.

I asked them about a kid's dropper a month ago, and they said it would be a while so I bought a Brand X. Bummer, because I would have preferred PNW!


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