New From Devinci: The Spartan HP

Date Sep 15, 2021

There’s a new standard for speed. Our long-travel enduro weapon brings Enduro World Series pace to everything you ride, with plenty of room for a water bottle. Right away, you’ll notice the thrust and stability of a rearward axle path. Pair that with a 160mm Split Pivot design that’s fully active under braking and you’ll experience time-warping levels of control. For those about to blast, Spartan HP is the rocket ship you’ve been waiting for. Hope you brought goggles.

Features and Tech

Split Pivot HP


Combining a high-pivot layout with our Split-Pivot platform effectively separates acceleration and braking forces for a buttery smooth ride with hyperactive small bump compliance, in all situations. The rearward axle path increases traction and stability the harder you push it and podium-crushing pedal stroke efficiency make this bike unbelievably fast

Updated Geometry


Modern trail bike geometry featuring a longer reach and slacker head angle for confidently tackling technical sections, while steeper seat tube angle helps you motor up the climbs.

34.9 Seatpost


Using bigger dropper stanchion for added longevity and reduced post flex. Insertion length Small - 225mm Medium - 250mm Large - 285mm X-Large - 300mm Use this tool to see what length post will fit your frame and legs.

Other Features

  • 29" x 2.5" tire clearance - Super Boost rear spacing provides massive tire clearance at 29x2.5 for capable mud ejection plus the traction you want when trails turn slick
  • Chainring clearance - 28-36T
  • Idler pulley - Sometimes the best parts on your bike are the ones you don’t notice. Extensively tested to be the most silent and durable pulley system out there
  • Rider optimized chainstay lengths - Adaptable chainstay lengths on large/XL bikes for a fully balanced feel on the trail, while rider size-appropriate front triangle enhances overall stability and handling. 425mm on Small and Medium 430mm on Large 435mm on X-Large
  • Metric shock with trunnion mount - Lower standover height design and a more supple suspension feel.
  • Low friction idler bearings - Keep the wheels turning with minimal drag and even grease distribution for durability.
  • Geometry adjust flip chip - Switch between Hi/Lo mode to customize ride characteristics. The flip chip is conveniently located at the base of the shock mount with less moving parts, meaning it’s easier to use, especially if you want to conduct some on-trail experiments.
  • Threaded BB - Threaded BB for headache-free removal and easy maintenance.
  • Universal derailleur hanger Reduces the risk of destroying your derailleur and makes it easy to source replacements when you need them.


Spartan HP Geo.png

Builds and Pricing

Spartan 1.png

Spartan 2.png

Spartan 3.png

Spartan 4.png

Spartan 5.png

Spartan 6.png

Spartan 7.png

Spartan 8.png

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Gage Wright
1 year, 2 months ago

Missed opportunity not to have Steve V. show how this bike would handle on his gnarly features.  Win-win Devinci.


Deniz Merdano
1 year, 2 months ago

He has been out with an injury and only recently back on the bike. Im sure he'll flood the internets with content upcoming weeks..


1 year, 2 months ago

Whoa the 34.9 fox transfers have a larger diameter stanchion? Kudos to fox if so.


Perry Schebel
1 year, 2 months ago

that would be cool if that's the case. my biggest criticism of my 210 one up 34.9 is that they share the same slidey bits as the 31.9, and just make the difference up with metal - it's 120g heavier than the 31.9. almost makes me want to buy a 31.9 & a shim. almost.


1 year, 2 months ago

That's a sweet looking bike! Unfortunately out of my price range tho


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