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My Kona - Smoothjazzlines

Video Garret Van Swearingen

The latest installment of the My Kona series features SmoothJazzLines. That’s right. All one word. AllOneWord. What is SJL? It’s a coaching system where there is no best or better. So if there’s no better or best what’s the point of coaching? Excellent question. It’s a state of mind. It’s a place where movement is color and the forest is your guide. It’s art mixed with friendship and a place where kindness and nature rule all. You are already a part of SmoothJazzLines. It’s in all of us.

What's your favourite quote from this system of unmetricized improvements?

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+2 fartymarty Dan

Too many good lines to list in this one. It's the Kona-est thing ever.


+2 Dan Velocipedestrian

Our program works because its simple.

• Get high stay light

• Keep it in the GreenZone

• Be your own Facilitator

With only three key components, a varied transit across the vast range of possible experience is virtually guaranteed!


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