Mullet Mania - Crankbrothers Launch the Synthesis Mixed Wheelset

Date Aug 15, 2019

With the UCI rule change coming into effect this year, more and more riders are experimenting with mixed wheelsets. Crankbrothers has stepped up and is now offering their top-shelf Synthesis wheels in a 96er pair out of the box. Also of note is Shimano Microspline compatibility, along with a 157mm SuperBoost spacing option.

The 29 front / 27.5 rear mixed wheel combination, fondly dubbed the "mullet" of wheelsets, has been dominating the race headlines throughout 2019, including Loic Bruni's latest UCI DH World Cup victories . A perfect evolution of our front and rear specific Synthesis tuned wheelset, we are now excited to offer a 29 front, 27.5 rear Synthesis E11 and DH11 wheelsets. Also new are Superboost and Microspline rear hub options, allowing more riders to improve their riding experience with our unique take on carbon wheels.


27.5" REAR

  • Lower rotational weight leads to faster acceleration
  • Improved handling through tight sections of trail
  • Easier to change direction with smaller rear wheel
  • Allows rider space to move further back on the bike

29" Front

  • Reduced trail chatter
  • Faster rolling larger wheel
  • Improved grip through maximizing contact patch


  • 29 Front/ 27.5 rear mixed wheel set
  • Tuned Front and Rear Carbon Wheel System for enduro riding and racing.
  • Front and rear specific wheels tuned and optimized to address the specific performance requirements and loads of mountain bike riding.
  • Compliant tuned front wheel improves handling and maximizes grip and control in turns. Wider inner rim width supports wider tire profile in front, increased volume and contact patch, and rounds tire profile to enhance turning.
  • Stiff tuned rear wheel supports peak loads and enhances stability and tracking at speed. Narrower inner rim width supports narrower tire profile in rear, improves rolling resistance, and sharpens tire edge for grip.

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+2 Saša Stojanovic Shoreboy
Poz  - Aug. 14, 2019, 10:30 p.m.

Feels like 2003


+1 Kelownakona
AJ Barlas  - Aug. 15, 2019, 7:48 a.m.



+1 Kelownakona
Shoreboy  - Aug. 15, 2019, 1:08 p.m.

Exactly, where are all those BigHits now?  It seems to be back in fashion :)


+1 Pete Roggeman
Kelownakona  - Aug. 18, 2019, 1:08 p.m.

I get the Big Hit comments but let's face it this is the same but with all benefit of a 29er rather than 26 up front. Big difference. 

I do think a properly designed 29 bike doesn't need a mullet but I have run one on an old hardtail and it really freshened it up and made it more fun.

What was a pretty conservative angled 29 trail hardtail became slacker and lowered BB and cornering was definitely improved. 

I say dig out the old hardtails mullet em up and have a blast


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