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MSA 2023 DH World Cup Elite Finals and Overall Results

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Results are in from MSA and Vali Höll locks in a 1st place time over 13 seconds faster than Nina Hoffmann, also claiming the World Champion title for the 2023 UCI DH series. Despite a crash and tire blowout, Nina Hoffman barely held on for 2nd place, preserving her 2nd place overall standing. In third was Veronika Widmann. Unfortunately due to a crash Marine Cabirou ended up in 9th on the day, however she still claimed 3rd in the overall standings.

Jackson Goldstone had an absolute heater of a run to back up his dominant semi-finals performance, finishing first by 4.3 seconds and securing 2nd in the overall standings. Next was Ethan Craik who finished 2nd, 4.3 seconds behind Goldstone. Loic Bruni finished 3rd and secured the World Cup series title. Loris Vergier finished 10th on the day, although it was enough to secure 3rd place in the overall standings. Finn Iles, hoping to back up his win in MSA from last year, had a bad crash in finals, although before crashing he was 4 seconds in the lead. Despite this, he secured 4th in the overall.

Elite Women MSA WC DH Finals Results

Elite Women MSA Finals

Elite Men MSA WC DH Finals Results

Elite Men MSA 2023 Finals

Elite Women DH Overall Results

womens overall results msa 2023

Elite Men DH Overall Results

MSA Mens Overall Part #1
Msa Mens Overal Part #2
Msa mens overall part #3
mens msa overall part #4
msa mens overal part 5
msa mens overall part 6

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