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Mountain Biking in Prince George

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The folks in Prince George are sitting on a winner, and they decided it was time to share with the MTB world, so they invited a trio of ladies to come and see PG for themselves. Brooklyn Bell, Hailey Elise, and Mikayla Gatto went in search of adventure and found exactly what they hoped to find: great trails, hospitable locals, and awesome eating and drinking.

Mountain Biking in Prince George – Unveil the Hidden Gem of Northern BC

Have you been craving an unconventional yet thrilling adventure? Look no further than Prince George, the hidden gem nestled in the heart of British Columbia's breathtaking landscape. Often referred to as the Capital of Northern BC, the city welcomes its visitors with its rugged charm, warm hospitality, and endless opportunities for adventure. And what better way to experience the raw beauty of nature than by visiting an uncrowded but welcoming city?

Party lap at Pidherny

Party lap at Pidherny!

Pidherny Wall Ride

Plenty of built features at Pidherny.

Hiking back up Cutbanks

You get to the bottom, you turn around, you hike back up...

Prince George offers a perfect blend of exhilaration and tranquillity for a memorable mountain biking adventure. Whether you're an advanced rider seeking thrills or a newbie excited to explore - there are options available to every type of rider. Local trails offer a diverse range of landscapes, from adrenaline-pumping man-built features at Pidherny Recreation Site to scenic sandy slopes of the Prince George Cutbanks. And the best part? Here, you can explore without feeling rushed. Dive straight into the action, soaking up every twist, turn, and jump without the hassle of overcrowded trails. In addition to the great trails in Prince George, you will be just a few hours away from other great mountain biking destinations, such as Burns Lake, Smithers, and Valemount!

Prince George The Black Clove Tacos

There are lots of great food options in Prince George, like tacos at the Black Clove...

Prince George Pints at Deadfall Brewing

or pints at Deadfall Brewing.


That's Mr. PG to you.

Prince George Frisbee Golf

You can't ride every minute of every day.

Camping PG

Morning coffee at Salmon Valley Campground.

As you take a breather from your epic rides, immerse yourself in the vibrant local community and discover rich cultural heritage at museums and galleries. When it’s time to refuel, explore the culinary scene of Prince George with your choice of Neapolitan pizza, fragrant Vietnamese cuisine, Italian pasta, or a juicy burger. As you go through your culinary adventure, don’t forget to savour a cold brew at one of our lively craft breweries or the number one fruit winery in BC. With endless opportunities for exploration, you will find that every moment in Prince George is a chance to uncover something new and exciting!

Ready to take on a new adventure? Start planning your trip today and discover why Prince George should be your next mountain biking destination. Here are a couple of featured businesses to help you get started on your planning:

Stay: Prestige Treasure Cove Hotel

Or Camp: Salmon Valley Campground 

Drink beer: Deadfall Brewing

Eat: The Open Door Cafe 

Prince George is full of options, give it a look when planning your next adventure!


Brooklyn Bell - @badgal_brooky
Hailey Elise - @haileyelisee
Micayla Gatto - @micaylagatto

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