Monthly Wallpaper: September 2023

Photos Deniz Merdano

For month two of our new Wallpaper series, we selected an image from our trip to California earlier this year. The official reason for the visit was some event called the Sea Otter Classic, but the real reason Cam, Deniz and I got on a plane and flew to California was so we could spend a few days riding and hanging out with Mike, because we don't get to do that enough. We did really predictable things like ride bikes, eat burritos, and drink beers, but the important part was good times and laughter in excellent company. This shot is from Toro County Park, near the Monterey Peninsula. Deniz was hopping around all over the place chasing the light like a kid with a net trying to catch a butterfly. This was a one-take-and-done, which is becoming a Merdano signature move.

For the landscape/desktop version we're also including versions with and without the calendar details, so you can use this image anytime you like without it being 'dated'. The portrait/mobile version just has the image so your phone's screen will be less cluttered.

We changed the formatting a bit and removed the white border. Let us know in the comments if anything is less than perfect, and we'll continue to tweak it as we go along. Big thanks to AJ Barlas for his help laying these out.


  1. Click the link below that is appropriate for your use - desktop or mobile.
  2. When the new tab opens, right click or long press to download the image.
  3. Follow your device's instructions for setting the new image as the background/wallpaper.

DESKTOP: https://nsmb.com/media/images/nsmb-calendar-wallpaper-desk-september-23.original.jpg

DESKTOP (image only - no calendar markings): https://nsmb.com/media/images/nsmb-wallpaper-desk-september-23.original.jpg

MOBILE: https://nsmb.com/media/images/nsmb-calendar-wallpaper-mobile-september-23.original.jpg

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Nice Picture! But am I just confused or are the numbers off?



Thanks for the catch, Martn, and sorry for the hiccup. It’s now been fixed!


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