Mixed Opinions and The Great Wheel Debate

The Santa Cruz Syndicate was one of the first race teams to embrace the 29er wheel, so it's not super surprising to see the mullet (reverse mullet?) appear after the UCI changed the rules on mixing your sizes. However, the switch isn't unanimous, and has in fact lead to some rather heated debates in the pits. Catch all the action after the break.

The mixed wheel debate enters The Syndicate realm, with Luca Shaw and Loris Vergier embarking on a 27.5 wheel in the rear, whilst Greg Minnaar sticks with his trusted setup of 29 front and rear. Does size matter? Does fun mean fast? Is Loris going to try a 26inch rear next? Find out more in this Mixed Wheel debate.

Jason Marsh vs Tom Duncan. Big vs Small. Old vs Young. Who is right and who is wrong? Does it even matter? Does Jordi fly first class? Find out some of the answers in this casual debate during pre-season Fox testing at Lousa, before things got weird.

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