YouTube Roundup 4

Minnaar Talks Geometry, New Bike for Martyn Ashton, & YouTuber Supports Squamish Trails

Cathro vs The Syndicate's Greg Minnaar

World Cup analysis wiz, Ben Cathro has picked up support from Santa Cruz for 2019. Part of that support has given him access to the Syndicate team, allowing him to start a new series of videos labelled Cathro vs Syndicate. For the first episode he sits down and interviews Greg Minnaar while playing Connect Four—which surprisingly he needed to teach Greg how to play. The discussion mostly focuses on bikes and how they've evolved over the duration of Greg's career. It's worth the watch for Greg's notes on wheelbase if nothing else.

Tommy Wilkinson's Custom MTB Setup

Tommy Wilkinson is a photographer and film director from the U.K. Years ago he lost the use of his right arm to injury, but he still rides! It's taken Tommy establishing some customizations to his bikes but they have enabled him to continue enjoying the sport. In this video he walks us through his injury and then moves on to how he set his custom Radon Swoop up.

YouTuber Gives Back to His Local Trails

With the latest craze of MTB YouTubers, one question has come up a couple of times; how do they support the trails they use or 'expose'? With virtual guide videos popping up everywhere, there's surely an increasing awareness and increased traffic on trails that perhaps flew under the radar before.

Paul the Punter is based in Squamish B.C. and for his recent upload he gave back in a rather large way. Paul was offered support from Competitive Cyclist to create a video and rather than keep it for himself, he gave it to the Squamish MTB club, SORCA. As a Squamish resident and someone who works on the trails here, I'm blown away by Paul's generosity and hope to see more YouTubers follow suit if they haven't already. Thanks, Paul!

Martyn Ashton & Rob Warner Ride Tandem

Martyn Ashton is a skilled rider from the U.K. and one of the hosts at GMBN. Years ago, Martyn suffered a spinal chord injury but has since ridden customized bicycles with the assistance of friends. Now he's worked with Mojo Suspension and Nicolai Bikes to build a tandem mountain bike!

Martyn kicks off the series with the voice of mountain biking, Rob Warner. Martyn and Rob have a long history and while on the bike—when Warner wasn't cursing Martyn for his riding—they discuss the past and the world of mountain bikes. Not one to miss.

Lewis Leads Us Off With Something Light

Legendary mtb filmer, Alex Rankin hits us with another video for Fabric and 50:01. This time we follow Josh Lewis around the woods as he does everything he can to change what we think mountain biking is. While some of the riding is sloppy, it's unique and is paving a new direction for how we ride these bikes we're so fond of.

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