Minnaar and Ratboy in Leogang

Photos Gary Perkin

The SYNDICATE – Episode 3: Leogang

Greg and Josh charged hard in Leogang, and were right on pace with each other all week. On race day, Greg was looking to win back-to-back World Cups, and Josh was hunting for a return to form following his crash at Ft. William. With the help of Syndicate physio Dr. Lawrence Van Lingen, Josh had treatment all week and made huge strides in order to ride, let alone pin it on his way to a top ten run. After qualifying 5th and 6th, they attacked the course one after the other. Watch the latest episode of THE SYNDICATE to see how it all played out…..like you don’t already know.


The year after he won the points title, Stevie Smith got into some bad injury luck. Let’s hope it’s not a curse and Ratboy will stay healthy for the rest of 2015.

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