Mike Hopkins - DreamRide 3

Video Scott Secco and Andre Nutini
Date Apr 27, 2018

We've seen mountains and jungles and canyons run deep We've raced lava, chased sunsets, and found caves in our sleepThe good old dream -
Where things are never quite as they seem

Here we go again, Come on old friend We’ve got one more story before we turn in

It's the perfect place to finally rest

We've given our all, our very best

But all good things must come to an end

So here's to our final story, my friend.

We bid you farewell, with hearts open wide And thank you for joining our final DreamRide.

A Letter to a couple of Rad Companies:

Working with Diamondback, and more recently ION has provided opportunities that don’t typically exist in the our industry. From my first day, I experienced a group of people who not only appreciated creativity but fostered and invested in it, which for an athlete like myself felt like a meeting of the minds. You see, I’m not your “Insta-famous” athlete, my social media game is far from strong, which wouldn’t and doesn’t work for a lot of companies. I’m the guy that takes on a project, rallies a band of talented individuals, disappears for a couple months and comes out of the woods with a final piece that will hopefully be a little different and speak to audiences. Diamondback has understood this formula and supported our outlandish ideas from the beginning requiring a monumental amount of trust on their part.

No matter how “out there” the ideas, the only guidelines I have ever been given are as follows:

1.) Be different
2.) Don’t miss the deadline
3.) Make sure you hit the first two

Diamondback and ION believe in creativity without parameters which has allowed our team to explore new ideas and carve our own path. So here’s us tipping our hats to you, thanks for enabling us to be all kinds of weird.

Cheers, Mike Hopkins and The Dream Team

DreamRide 3 is brought to you by Diamondback Bikes and the 2018 Diamondback Release.
Along with presenting partner ION Apparel .

All imagery shot by Bruno Long.

Directed by Mike Hopkins
Produced by Mike Hopkins/Juicy Studios Filming by Scott Secco & Andre Nutini Edited by Scotty Carlson
Written by Lacy Kemp & Mike Hopkins

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