Midweek Video Roundup

Esperanto - Official Trailer | Teton Gravity Research

Esperanto is TGR’s latest action-packed mountain bike film with an added twist. Mixing the rock stars of the sport with a cast of unknown and up-and-coming heroes, the film explores how we share our dreams through a universal two-wheeled language no matter what our native tongue may be. The sacred ritual of the ride might sound different all across the world – whether it’s a full-face getting pulled down to drop into a big jump line or wheeling a beat-up bike out of a mud hut to pedal to school – but it’s a universal process no matter what language we speak.

Pemberton Enduro Two Ways | Yoann Barelli and Jesse Melamed

Both Yoann Barelli and Jesse Melamed made the trip up the Sea-to-Sky highway on April 30th for a spicy day of racing the Pemberton Enduro. While Barelli was focused on getting his crew of young bucks through the day, Melamed was all gas and (nearly) no brakes on his way to the top of the podium. With so much riding talent all living within a 2-hour drive, it's no surprise to see a stacked field of pros rock up on any given Saturday.

North Shore Betty - You’re Never too Old to Send | Patagonia

After nearly 30 years on the harrowing and hallowed trails of British Columbia’s North Shore Mountains, Betty Birrell still thinks life is one big playground—and that you’re never too old to send.

Wade Simmons and the Fundamentals of Drops | Race Face MTB

Ever wondered how to successfully dorp to falt in style? Worry not, as the Godfather of Freeride gives you a tutorial on how to go big, and even bigger in the latest episode of Wade Simmons' Pick-A-Part

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+2 Niels van Kampenhout AlanB

Not sure who's in charge of deciding what gets full front page posting, but I think that the NS Betty vid needs to have it's own post/listing on the front page. I didn't catch the mid week vids post, just only caught it today on PB.


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