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Megavalanche Nerves, Bike Progression Session & Surfing With a Mobile Dock

Ben Deakin's 2019 Megavalanche Qualifying Race

It's not often I experience pre-race nerves today. Actually, I don't know if outside of lining up in the start gate I ever have, until now. Something about the way the Deakinator leads us into the this, and probably the fact that it's a Mega race, left me with butterflies and full on pre-race jitters. Maybe the fact that I've never done a Megavalanche had something to do with it as well?

Steve Jones once said something along the lines of; 'if you're a mountain biker you have to do this event'. If my memory is correct, his version was harsher and more direct, but you get the idea. It's a big race, held on big terrain with sick looking trails. I think what makes me the most nervous is the mass start which looks like complete mayhem. I don't think any amount of BMX racing experience from my younger years will help me there. For now, I'm happy to enjoy the Deakinator's run and and quality insights. He qualified for the main event, which is next…

Deakin's 2019 Megavalanche Race

Two Megavalanche videos in one post? Deakin uploaded them both on the same day and when checking to see which one was better, I discovered that they're different enough to post each. While his qualifying video above got my pre-race jitters on high alert, this was the opposite. The snow start is insane and once off it, Deakin had quite the race. From racers annoying him to the point that he swears at them, to a couple mechanicals that had him thinking the race was over, this was one eventful run.

Right, this is where the race starts for me… Oh maybe not, there's more snow. – Ben Deakin

Matt Jones Tech Tip & Airbag 'Progression Session'

Ever had your cranks spin when you didn't want them too? It's no secret that slopestyle riders like to use varying techniques to stop this from happening but have you ever seen them use a hot water bottle? Matt Jones opts for the less expensive solution for the first time and shows us how to install it. Then Matt and his mates get to action on his large airbag. Matt spends most of the session trying to dial in a truck tuck before moving onto a whip tuck no hander.

There are heaps of bails in this session, especially from Matt's mate, Alex. Alex is training to be a stuntman and legitimately looks more interested in the crashes than making the tricks. It makes for some quality entertainment as a viewer, but I'm not sure how Dan felt at the end of the day.

Surfing From a Floating Dock – Stab's Dock Project 2.0

Stab is a large surfing media outlet that started in print is now solely online. They create their own content as well as editorial pieces on competitive and free surfing around the globe.

A couple of years ago, they combined forces with Volcom to create unique content, surfing from a dock that is anchored but floating in the waves. The first video has more than four million views on YouTube and now Stab are back with The Dock 2.0, only this time instead of taking it to Bali, they went to Mexico. It looked like an eventful few days that begun when they arrived at the airport in Mexico with bags full of large ropes and strange bits and pieces. Trying to explain to their Mexican hosts that they wanted to attach a floating 100 foot dock to a tug boat and have it sit in a shifting beachbreak wasn't a strong follow-up. From there it seemed to go downhill before they were able to get what they came for. You can check their Instagram Highlight Story if you would like to see more—it's pretty entertaining.

They succeeded in getting the dock on the water and completing the experiment for the second time. There are some solid slams in this and plenty of makes. Trying to ollie the dock from a wave was a particularly interesting experiment, especially with it in a position where there was no lip to launch from. Maybe next time?

It's like a floating f*cking death machine… Chippa Wilson

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My wife has been getting motion sickness from watching these LOL. She can,t watch GoPro vids for very long. What an event , crazy how fast they get going.


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