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Matt Jones' Crash in Innsbruck, Cathro in the Bath & The Urban Dropper

Words AJ Barlas
Date Jun 21, 2019

Matt Jones Breaks Down His Crash at Crankworx Innsbruck

Matt is a rider who kills it at the trails and has a huge bag of tricks, but he has no luck when it comes to slopestyle events. He's crashed out of Crankworx Whistler a number of times and during his first of two finals runs in Innsbruck last weekend disaster struck again.

While walking viewers through his run, Matt tells us that the trick he crashed on isn't something he typically struggles with. After slowing down the video we see exactly where it started to go wrong and the final straw that caused the big slam. Hearing where his head was immediately after gives us mortals great insight to how slopestyle athletes think.

Behind the Scenes with Reece Wilson in Fort Bill

Scooter gang, ball in a cup trickery, and World Cup preparation. Or are those all one and the same for Reece Wilson? Sleeper Co. takes us behind the scenes as the entertaining Scottish rider prepares for the home race. He had the best result of his career here in 2018 but luck didn't go his way this year. Ignore what you expect from usual World Cup videos and enjoy the fresh view.

Ben Cathro in the Bath with His Bike?

Last week we shared a video of Cathro tearing apart some local trails on his new Santa Cruz V10. This week things get a little strange in the bath tub as Cathro bathes with his Hightower LT. Once clean he demonstrates his skills, aggressively slapping his way down the trails. Remind yourself while watching this that Ben is about 6'6" tall but his quick, committed direction changes make him appear smaller.

Max Fredriksson & The Only Real Scandinavian Trails

Max is one of mountain biking's top slopestyle athletes. But after seeing him challenged by a set of unnamed trails—dirt jumps for the North American readers—six hours south of his home in Sweden, we're reminded that he is human. The location is claimed to be the only true set of trails in Sweden, because as Max points out, many of the spots they ride have wooden lips and generally aren't as tight as trails.

The spot looks incredible, with a great pumptrack to warm up on (or get lost in the line choices), a dirt bowl that acts as a transition between a few lines and the trails are the real deal; steep and tight with great flow once worked out. Max estimates it took him about 10 attempts to make it through the first straight of the line but at an event like Joyride in Whistler, he'll go top to bottom first go. Watching him throw in some style once he gets more comfortable is impressive and jumping on board for the P.O.V. gives a great feel for the line. Watching him go full dead sailor over a hip also makes me feel better…

The Whole Shebang with Braydon Bringhurst

You may not know his name, but Braydon may be about to change that. His riding style is light and fun; full of energy, speed and style. But he's no one-trick-pony. His versatility is shown off in this video as he takes to the trails near Boise, Idaho on his Canyon Spectral.

Urban Dropper Drops Blue Mountain, Pennsylvania

Sometimes you strike gold. I don't remember how this came to my attention but I was entertained immediately. I'm yet to make it through a video from start to finish but I still laugh within the first few minutes. Sometimes all you need is a smile to make it worthwhile sharing. Whether they're serious or playing around I'm not sure.

The description in the About section of their YouTube channel brought another smile to face: "This used to be a water slide/soccer POV channel but ever since I started mountain biking in 2017, that's all that is being posted here. BEST IN THE WORLD 4K MTB VIDEOS are posted here." Well alright! Stoked to hear he's psyched on bikes but the best 4K MTB videos is one bold claim…

Try riding a section of your favourite trail while stating "dropping" every time the bike drops, it's no easy feat.

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