Maribor World Cup 2020 Round 2 - Qualifiying Results

Date Oct 17, 2020

It's deja view all over again at Maribor, as competitors shift gears for the second round of a back-to-back in Slovenia. The weather, which had been atrocious for round 1 has cleared, leaving tacky dirt and a reshuffled deck for who's last down the track on race day. Check out the full qualification results below, and stay tuned for race day coverage.

Elite Men

Elite Men 1.jpg

Elite Men 2.jpg

Elite Men 3.jpg

Elite Men 4.jpg

Elite Men 6.jpg

Elite Men 7.jpg

Elite Women

Elite Women 1.jpg

Junior Men

Junior Men 1.jpg

Junior Men 2.jpg

Junior Women

Junior Women 1.jpg

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