Maribor World Cup 2020 - Qualification Results

After an absolutely drenched race last weekend in Leogang, riders would be forgiven for hoping for a little bit of sunshine this weekend in Maribor, Slovenia. However the gods of fate have decided against them, and the skies opened up once again. Both Reece Wilson and Oisin O'Callaghan proved their World Champs golds weren't a fluke by grabbing top spot (last spot?) in Qualifiers, while Tracey Hannah took a commanding 5 second lead over the rest of the Elite Women's field. Check out the full results below, and stay tuned for more as it arrives.

Elite Men

Elite Men 1.jpg

Elite Men 2.jpg

Elite Men 3.jpg

Elite Men 4.jpg

Elite Men 5.jpg

Elite Men 6.jpg

Elite Women

Elite Women 1.jpg

Junior Men

Junior Men 1.jpg

Junior Men 2.jpg

Junior Women

Junior Women 1.jpg

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