Maribor DH World Cup Team Video Roundup (Updated)

Date May 8, 2019

The second a World Cup event is over, videographers everywhere scurry back to their computers and start splicing together their team's footage. We've gathered up a bunch of race day stories from around the pits all in one place for your viewing pleasure.

Intense Factory Racing

The new team that includes Aaron Gwin, Neko Mulally, and Aussie Jack Moir finally gets to hit the track after lots of off-season testing and media attention. Follow the team through the banter of track walk to the serious time between the race tape and hear their thoughts on the first race of the season.

Commencal/Vallnord by Riding Addiction

The team on the bike that set the world in a frenzy in 2018. Amaury doesn't have the race that he was expecting from himself, team vet Remi Thirion secures a top 20 and junior pinner, Thibaut Daprela starts 2019 where he finished 2018. Myriam Nicole is out injured.

Trek Racing

MS Mondraker

Propain Factory Racing


Unior Devinci

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