Lourdes World Cup DH Results 2016

Words Cam McRae
Date Apr 10, 2016

The unforgiving nature of the Lourdes track made for some spectacular riding and some crushing disappointment. Josh Bryceland and Loic Bruni each took lines that nobody else attempted, doubling up and fearlessly slithering through some sinister lines. Bruni did a Sam Hill, putting seconds into Aaron Gwin all the way down the course but then disaster struck. After a foot off bobble, that cost Loic almost no time, it seemed like a crash was inevitable. If you are just eager for times, scroll down to see the Lourdes UCI World Cup DH Results for 2016.


Loic was on his way to his frst World Cup (as opposed to World Championship) victory but he pushed it a little too far.

Stevie Smith announced his return to form with a solid second place finish – and his reaction at the line suggested that he’d made a mistake at some point.


Loic congratulating Aaron Gwin, displaying true sportsmanship when many athletes would have been banging their fists in anger.

The story of the day was Aaron Gwin, throwing down a solid if unspectacular run, carefully choosing where to twist the throttle and where to play it safe. In the end he was just shy of 2.5 seconds clear of the field on his new sponsor’s bike. Other riders have had their moments in the sun in recent years but only Gwin has been able to win year after, proving he is one of the best ever.


Aaron Gwin didn’t boost the blind rock into the Camber section of the course, avoiding the nasty hole many riders were bottoming into.


Stevie boosted this and his hard landing slowed his momentum enough to make Canadian fans groan.

A huge result for Finn Iles who won his very first race on the top stage by a second and a half. Rachel proved it doesn’t matter what bike she rides – she can still put 4.5 seconds into the field. And she was almost 37 seconds ahead of sixth.

Men’s Results

Women’s Results

Junior Results

After doing so well on his new bike, who can beat Gwin this season?




jprime  - April 11, 2016, 10:12 a.m.

Go Steve!


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