Lourdes: Final Results

Date Apr 30, 2017

What started as a race turned into a ride for survival as weather rolled in during the Elite Men's event, causing the course to turn into a skating rink. Rider after rider struggled with the conditions, causing plenty of slips, falls and times that fell way behind the start of the pack. In the end, it would be Frenchman Alexandre Fayolle that kept his spot on the hot seat, and be absolutely mobbed by the crowd after his victory.

In the Elite Women's race, Rachel Atherton regained her composure and continued her dominance of race day, putting just over 2.5 seconds into 2nd place Tracey Hannah, and nearly three seconds into 3rd spot Tahnee Seagrave. 

Finn Iles pulled it back from qualification, coming out on top of a hotly competitive field. Kaos Seagrave was 3.5 seconds back to take 2nd place, and Sylvain Cougoureux finished 

Elite Men 

1) Alexandre Fayolle
2) Mark Wallace
3) Marcelo Gutierrez
4) Florent Payet
5) Connor Fearon 

Elite Women

1) Rachel Atherton
2) Tracey Hannah
3) Tahnee Seagrave
4) Myriam Nicole

5) Manon Carpenter 

Junior Men

1) Finn Iles
2) Kaos Seagrave

3) Sylvain Cougoureux 


+2 Merwinn rvoi
hilly  - April 30, 2017, 8:51 a.m.

Weather or not, great race for Mark!


+1 Merwinn
rvoi  - April 30, 2017, 11 a.m.

Awesome to see him on the podium today!


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