Long Live Chainsaw 25/11/1989-10/05/2016
Stevie Smith's Annversary

Long Live Chainsaw 25/11/1989-10/05/2016

Video Rob Parkin/Calvin Huth
Date May 10, 2018

Today marks two years since we lost Stevie Smith. A tough day for all of us who looked up to him and raced along with him every time he left the start gate. #longlivechainsaw

Here's Rob Parkin's thoughtful video remembering Stevie. 

A clear and satisfying reminder of the mark he left, The Stevie Smith Legacy fund is going strong. The bike park that will bear his name is now open.  Details on the park can be found here and in the video below. 

There are many ways you can support the fund and support Stevie. We continue to sell #longlivechainsaw and Stevie Smith decals (or get both in a pack of four).

Raise a glass post ride in memory of Stevie! 


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4 years, 3 months ago
+1 Mammal

I recall asking myself "Why did it have to be our guy that died?" I still occasionally watch his 2013 Leogang title run, winning run at MSA & the rain soaked run in Hafjell. Pure balls to the wall genius.


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