Little Trail Hunter - Part 2

Date Mar 18, 2020

Once legendary for acts of derring-do on a bike, Matt Hunter has evolved; becoming a dad meant more time boosting push bikes, and less time boosting gaps. Check out his brief companion interview below, along with Little Trail Hunter - Part 2, starring the youngest members of the Hunter family...

Since my own childhood, bikes have proven to enhance all experiences connected to them. It's a consistent positive effect on nearly every aspect of life. As a Dad it feels natural to share that with my kids. We have worked bikes into everyday life since the boys were able to walk, and the rewards have been tangible. I love the spaces where bikes demand we spend our time. A trail to a kid is a place where curiosity, discovery and adventure collide. It's a place where real experiences are found, both good and bad. It's a place without warning labels and plastic and rules. Where you can catch a frog and skin your knee and jump in a puddle.

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