Leogang 2018 DH World Cup Highlights

Video Red Bull
Date Jun 13, 2018

Amidst the soaring peaks of the Austrian Alps is a race track like no other. The Leogang Bike Park has often had its detractors. Deemed too finely sculpted and lacking in technical depth, it was often derided by many as little more than a sideshow. Over the years, though, that's gradually changed. Bit by bit, it's been recast, but amongst all the alterations perhaps the track's most notable asset—it’s searingly high speed—has remained intact.

In short, when it comes to going fast on a downhill mountain bike, Leogang is a temple of speed, as Round 3 of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz UCI DH World Cup proved.

Rachel Atherton soared to the first place on an amazingly fast run, while Amaury Pierron keeps the winning streak going. Check out Tahnée Seagrave's error, Luca Shaw's crash and more in our weekly UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 2018 Highlights video!

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