Leogang Qualifying Results 2018

Date Jun 9, 2018

The weather has turned and conditions are unbelievably fast as riders hit the course in Leogang for qualifiers today. Luca Shaw grabbed 1st spot in the Elite Men's division, putting 0.146 seconds on Brook MacDonald in 2nd place, and Amaury Pierron not far behind in 3rd. The times were tight all the way down, with the gap between 1st and 60th a slim 10 seconds.

Tahnee Seagrave put up a burner of a run and will be last down the hill on race day, while both Rachel Atherton and Myriam Nicole suffered from crashes. No doubt they'll be pushing through tomorrow, but it means there'll be some more competition earlier in the day.

Get the full results below, and stay tuned for more race news!

Elite Men

Elite Men Q1.jpg
Elite Men Q2.jpg
Elite Men Q3.jpg
Elite Men Q4.jpg
Elite Men Q5.jpg
Elite Men Q6.jpg
Elite Men Q7.jpg
Elite Men Q8.jpg
Elite Men Q9.jpg
Elite Men Q10.jpg

Elite Women

Elite Women Q1.jpg
Elite Women Q2.jpg
Elite Women Q3.jpg

Junior Men

Jr Men Q1.jpg
Jr Men Q2.jpg
Jr Men Q3.jpg
Jr Men Q4.jpg

Junior Women

Jr Women Q1.jpg

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