Lenzerheide Post-Race Video Roundup

Amaury Pierron's 🚀 Run from Lenzerheide | Red Bull Bike

Amaury Pierron could not have asked for more from during the weekend’s racing in Lenzerheide. The Frenchman was the fastest qualifier for the men’s race and found even more speed in his finals run to take the win. That’s now three victories out of the four downhill World Cup rounds (Lourdes, Fort William and Lenzerheide) that have taken place this season.

Wyn TV - Lenzerheide DH Finals | GT Bicycles

It was pedal to the metal in Lenzerheide and Wyn's got the post race interviews you've been waiting for.

XCO Drama in Switzerland: Sidetracked w/ Lauren Smith in Lenzerheide | Red Bull Bike

The beautiful setting of Lenzerheide in the Swiss Alps hosted the fifth round of the Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike Cross-Country World Cup. Italy’s Luca Braidot managed to hold off South African Alan Hatherly in a sprint finish to take his first World Cup win. A sprint finish is exciting enough though this doesn’t quite tell the story of the dramatic sixth and final lap that had seen Braidot, Hatherly, Mathias Flückiger and Nino Schurter racing as a lead group on that lap.

The group's lead was exchanged several times between Braidot, FlĂĽckiger and Schurter as the lap progressed, and it seemed that FlĂĽckiger and Schurter had broken away from the other two and would fight it out for the win. However, unseen by the TV cameras covering the event, FlĂĽckiger and Schurter had a coming together.

When the group came back into view of the cameras, Braidot and Hatherly were ahead of FlĂĽckiger and Schurter. There were chaotic scenes in the finish area at the end of the race. Braidot was overcome with the emotion of his win, as was Schurter, who had come in fourth. Schurter was visibly upset at how the race had ended. Everyone wanted to know what happened between FlĂĽckiger and Schurter and tried to make sense of what had just gone on in the last few minutes of the race.

THE SYNDICATE - Vallnord Pit Olympics | Santa Cruz Syndicate

"So, my lips are this is gonna hurt."

What else do you do on pit set-up day? You get Nina Hoffmann and Jackson Goldstone to go head-to-head in a set of extremely serious and difficult challenges.

Is Downhill Racing Fun? - Sidetracked w/ Eliot Jackson in Lenzerheide | Red Bull Bike

Eliot Jackson goes trackside at the Lenzerheide Downhill World Cup to remind us all that DH racers truly are living their best life. Thanks for that Eliot... We also reflect on another epic weekend of racing. Lenzerheide delivered the goods to provide one energetic and entertaining battle for riders and fans alike.

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