Lenzerheide 2016 Complete Results

Great racing from Lenzerheide today with the conditions dry and fast. Last year the track claimed quite a few riders, and even Aaron Gwin went down in qualis, but this year there were many clean and stylish runs.


With Tahnee Seagrave back racing Rachel has some competition again. Rachel called Tahnee “a product of my own brilliance.” She was struggling to find the words and no doubt that didn’t come out the way she intended because she is extraordinarily humble and gracious for someone who wins so much.


The unstoppable Rachel. She doesn’t need to win qualifiers – and she often doesn’t. But now it’s 11 wins in a row and counting.


George Brannigan was exciting to watch as usual. He lost a foot just before this road gap but still managed to get to the other side.


Gwin’s nasty qualifying crash left him starting well back in the field – but he threw down and held the hotseat until the very end. This scrub was my favourite moment of the race. He came over this bridge sideways and landed turning hard. So gnarly! Check it out in the replay.


Danny got loose in sight of the start booth, but otherwise his run seemed to be far enough back from the edge to allow him to stay smooth.


After being behind at every split Danny crossed the line .096 seconds ahead of Aaron Gwin. His first time in the lead may have been moments before the finish line. A stunning performance for his first World Cup Win.

lenzerheide_mens_standings_2016 lenzerheide_mens_results_2016 women_results


Congrats to Finn Iles for another win!

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