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Leatt MTB HydraDri 5.0 Pants

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More trousers? I have reviewed a slew of waterproof pants this year, including new ones from Pearl Izumi, Rapha and 7mesh. The good news is that each of them has been better than anything I've tried previously. This latest entry, from Leatt, ticks a lot of boxes with plentiful pockets and solid construction. They even look pretty good.

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The closure at the ankle is augmented by a velcro strap. This works well but it can make removing the pants a challenge. Photo - Deniz Merdano

On The Trail

Normally we'd be gearing down on serious mountain biking outerwear but winter came late this year and we've had several rides mixing snow and rain, which was a perfect testing ground for these pants. They have done a great job keeping water out and the venting properties are solid but perhaps not best in class.

I would describe the HydraDri 5.0 as the sturdiest pants of the quartet I have tested. Constructed from 3 layer fabric, which Leatt calls HydraDri Max, these are said to have 30,000 mm of waterproofing and the same number in the venting category. The waterproofing has been very good but these are a little heavier than the Pearl Izumi Summit 3L and 7mesh Grits, and I'd say those two vent a little better. In my experience these release vapour similarly to the Rapha Trail Goretex and do a similar job keeping the elements out as well which is solid praise.

Leatt  MTB HydraDri 5.0 pants 1

This crime scene was the result of a mucky and chilly day on the hill in Bellingham but my nether regions remained untainted by the elements. The only moisture on the inside was (hopefully) from sweat.

There is a little bit of stretch but I think it's compromised some by the number of panels and all the taped seams. These have more give than the Raphas, considering Gore-Tex doesn't stretch (at least not the version used in Rapha's pants) but the Raphas close the gap with a very good cut for pads and long legs. The Pearl Izumis and 7mesh have the most stretch of the four.

leatt hydra dri 5.0 pants 3

These are constructed with an athletic riding stance in mind and they are more comfortable in the saddle than out for me.

The Fit

I generally wear size medium or 32 pants which was the case here. These were a little short for my 33" inseam but not egregiously so. Still, with waterproof pants, half the battle is keeping your socks dry so those splashes don't leech into your shoes. I also found the waist a little long but wearing them a little low solves two problems. I don't want to overstate this, because they fit me fine, but not as well as the others I have tested recently by some measures.

These do a good job handling kneepads underneath however and don't restrict my mobility at all. The hook and loop waist cinches are easily adjusted and they stayed where I put them.

Leatt  MTB HydraDri 5.0 pants 2

The fit and modest stretch allowed me to squirm around on the bike without restriction, but I did have a couple of sizing issues. Photo - Deniz Merdano

Getting out of these pants with the elasticated and velcroed cuffs can be a bit of a hassle. What tends to happen is that I'll reach down and undo the hook and loop strap to push the pants over my ankles, one at a time. Unfortunately the strap regularly falls back into place, with hook meeting loop, leaving my heel trapped inside. Obviously if I lean down and hold the velcro open this is prevented but it's still a minor pita. I do like being able to cinch the cuffs down however.

leatt hydradri 5.0 pants 4

There is a dedicated phone pocket in the small of your back. This is an iPhone 11 but I also tried the slightly larger iPhone 13 and it also fit okay. If you have one of the larger phones you'll probably have to use the generous thigh pocket on the right side.

leatt hydradri 5.0 pants 11

The marketing copy says the phone pocket is fleece lined, which I assumed was to protect your phone. In fact the fleece faces your back. There is also a silicone grip strip there to keep your drawers up.


The 5.0s really shine with their attention to detail. From the dedicated rear phone pocket to the comfortable lined waist, with the addition of a fleece panel between your skin and your phone, to the thigh vents and key pocket, utility was prioritized. Now that more and more riders are trying to get out without a pack, pockets have become increasing important, and four is a great number. Every zipper has an easily gripped rubber pull attached to the one supplied by YKK, which means if the rubber one gets pulled off, you'll still have something to yank.

Features (as outlined by Leatt)

  • HydraDri MAX 30.000mm waterproof / 30.000g/m2 breathable
  • 4 way stretch HydraDri MAX seamless seat and back panels
  • Pre-curved riding fit with space for knee pads
  • Ankle adjustment
  • Dirt, water and stain resistant fabric coating
  • Multi-row reinforced stitching
  • Inner thigh zipper vents for great ventilation
  • Fully tape seam sealed
  • Hip pockets with Key loop (left)
  • Rear waist pocket
  • Thigh cargo pocket with silicone gripper
  • Reflective details.
  • YKK – Japan. Top Quality Zippers
  • Regular fit
  • Size: XS-3XL (28-40’’)
  • Plastic Free Packaging
leatt hydradri 5.0 pants 5

The thigh vents are a nice choice for these pants because, with their three layer construction, they run a little warm. The vents are screened to keep things in, or out, as the case may be.


I've enjoyed riding in these pants and they have performed admirably. The fit isn't a home run for me. That could be more my problem than Leatt's, of the quartet I have recently tested these are not the most ideal for my proportions; I wish the legs were a little longer and the waist a little shorter. The may be Goldilocks for you though.

The waterproofing is excellent and the venting solid as well, but the two thigh vents are welcome. I love pockets and these have four very usable ones, including a dedicated rear phone pocket with a waterproof zipper and a key loop in another. The Canadian price is close to 7mesh (370) and less than Rapha (440) and quite a bit pricier than Pearl Izumi (250).

Leatt MTB HydraDri 5.0 Pants

239 USD / 355 CAD / 219.99 GBP / 249.99 Euro

Cam McRae

Height - 6'/183cm (mostly legs)

Weight - 170lbs/77kg

Inseam - 33"/84cm

Ape Index - 0.986

Age - 58

Trail I've been stoked on lately - Sam's Dad's Trail

Bar Width - 760mm

Preferred Reach - 485-500mm (longer with 27.5 wheels than 29)

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+1 Pete Roggeman

Yay for short legs!!!



It must be tricky making pants that can’t be easily altered. It’s likely that most people who wear a 32 waist have an inseam shorter than 33”.



Thats the issue, make the pants long but leave room for hemming without losing the taper. I am 31x30



While these trousers look nice and tick most of the boxes I need for a British winter, I can’t help but think that the small of the back is a terrible place for a pocket as it going to be bombarded with wet filth continuously throughout every ride



I use the Leatt gravity 4 with that same pocket.  Never had a problem in the Vancouver wet.  Muck lands lower down.



Good to know.



I used the front pocket for easier access rather than protection but it works fine as well.


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