Miranda Miller NSMB Landshapes Squamish

Landshapes: Miranda Miller (World Champion!)

Photos Ollie Jones/Hailey Elise
Video Mike Gamble/Ollie Jones
This seems like the perfect time to celebrate Miranda Miller's World Championship victory in Cairns Australia! Way to kick ass Miranda!

The Landshapes series explores the impact of topography and how it has shaped four unique riders.

The second installment of Landscapes follows Miranda Miller through her hometown of Squamish, BC. Squamish is known for its abundant trail network, lush forests and outdoorsy community - all of which have influenced the rider she is today. Cafés, a bike shop, and the local grocery store have all banded together to stand behind Miranda. With the community firmly behind her, Miranda has overcome obstacles and injuries and risen to be one of the top female racers on the World Cup circuit. 

Miranda Miller riding for the lens in Landshapes / Squamish

The wild Squamish forests are more than just a training ground that have prepared Miranda for all possible weather situations. These forests have led her to mentoring young athletes and the adventure that bikes bring, a cool reprieve from the intensity of the World Cup circuit. 

Miranda Miller NSMB Landshapes 2

Miranda Miller Landshapes NSMB Squamish 3

If there is one direct influence that the Squamish topography and climate has had on Miranda’s riding, it’s her ability to feel at home in all weather conditions, especially the wet. 

Miranda Miller NSMB Landshapes Squamish 5

A shrine to friend and fellow racer Stevie Smith. #LongLiveChainsaw!

Miranda Miller NSMB Landshapes Squamish 6

“I just have to turn it on.” A gift from her Mom to pay homage to the battle wounds associated with reaching and surpassing goals. 

Miranda Miller NSMB Landshapes Squamish 8

An integral part of Miranda’s daily grind is training. 

Miranda Miller Landshapes NSMB Squamish 7

Luckily, she can carry out parts of it in the comfort of her own home. 

As mountain bikers, our style of riding is born from the terrain we call home. Visible features of the land are more than familiar shapes that we see each day. The smells, sights, and even the dirt influence us in complex ways. This is not just about our physical beings as riders - it is also our culture.

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+2 Pete Roggeman Amanda Marie

so who is hiring me in squamish?


+1 Pete Roggeman

The vid was refreshingly mellow with great riding and life happening, with a loving appreciation of details (raven bracelet?). I really enjoyed it. 

So far the two vids of the series have fuelled my fire for riding.


+1 grambo

keep being awesome, Miller!


+1 natbrown

It's cute that anyone at the upper end of functionality is like, 50.


+1 Pete Roggeman

This is sooooo awesome. When you hear about "a whole community being behind someone," it's because that person is a gem.



Hell YES.

That's all.



keep up the hard work lil lady from me to you... within 10 years you will be number 1 world wide



I remember racing the Nimby 50 a few years ago and passing Miranda nearing the top of Nimby. I moved over let her pass on our way into Let It Go. There was no way in Hades I was going to to be able to stay in front. #wellduh


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