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Lake MX 332 - Shoes For Wide Feet

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Lake's shoe lineup is a decidedly unusual affair. They start with the $120 (USD) MX 161 and even at that price point their shoes come in size 36 to 50 in regular lasts and from 39 to 50 in extra wide. Even the regular width fits wider than other brands and there are a lot of riders with large, or uniquely shaped, feet for whom Lake is the only brand that fits. 

With shoes built on 11 different lasts, there is a great deal of fit difference from one model to another. If the MX 332 doesn't fit well in regular or extra wide it's likely you'll find a good fit in another model.   

Lake Shoes MX332 AndrewM

With a double BOA retention setup, heat moldable heel cup, half sizes through most of the range, and detailed sizing information, the MX 332 still isn't a shoe for everyone. It's high volume footwear compared to similarly high-end options from SIDI, Gaerne, Giro, Northwave, etc. 

These MX 332 shoes are at the premium end of Lake's lineup. They feature Helcor leather, dual BOA adjusters, a carbon sole and carbon heel counter and a natural rubber sole for a boutique price of $430 (USD). 

For gear nerds, the Euro-sourced Helcor leather is processed from the most durable and breathable split grain layer.  Helcor Leder Tec makes some fascinating definitely-not-vegan materials. 


The MX 332 has a slightly smaller volume than other shoes in Lake's lineup being based on the 'Race' last. In the past I have been a size 42.5 in Lake shoes I've tried on but in this case I required a size 43.

For riders trying to order shoes without having the opportunity to try them on first, Lake provides detailed length and width measurements for all their shoes on their sizing chart so it is easy enough to ballpark the size. Lake is a really helpful company to communicate with if a rider is trying to make a choice between two sizes or to understand how the different lasts may affect their choice.  

Lake Shoes MX332 AndrewM

I always need to add insoles to whatever shoes I'm wearing. SQlab makes three levels of supportive insole: the 214, 215 and 216. This is the midpoint option. They've held up very well to being soaked with rain and sweat and there's been no degredation in support. 


Lake uses dual BOA L6 adjusters which ratchet tight and then pop-up to release cable vs. the S2 system which ratchets both to tighten and loosen. In my experience the L6 is a significantly more durable and reliable system and as expected I haven't had issues with the adjusters on the MX 332. 

Lake Shoes MX332 AndrewM

BOA guarantees their systems (dials & laces) for the life of whatever product they are integrated with. Any issues - and I've only seen a few - are dealt with quickly by contacting BOA directly. 


The only issue I've had with the shoes involves a small area around the cleat pocket. I do a fair amount of hike-a-bike and given I've been running these shoes mainly with my single speed they've had the brunt of it lately. 

Compared to most race shoes I've worn the natural rubber soles are surprisingly grippy. They aren't Five Ten flat pedal shoes but they are an improvement over most everything I've used when walking on greasy wood or rock sections. 

Lake Shoes MX332 AndrewM

The natural rubber sole is reasonably sticky* and very durable with the exception of the upper most area surrounding the cleat pocket. It was looking sketchy after a few rides and I was worried that this zone was supporting the side lugs and the wear could spread. A one time liberal application of Freesole and they've been great since. 


The MX 322 shoes are unapologetically stiff when laying down the power. How stiff? They're the shoes I wore when trying to discern a difference between the e*thirteen carbon cranks and Race Face Aeffect aluminum cranks I was testing because they enhance the difference. 

Impressively I didn't get any hot spots on long days, a problem I've had in the past with stiff shoes and they are actually reasonably comfortable to hike in. If I'm going on a ride where I know there is going to be a lot of third gear** going on I'd opt for the Mavic Deemax Pro but I'm not shirking from picking up my bike and getting my hike on when wearing the Lakes. 

So they're XC race stiff, comfortable, surprisingly pleasant to hike in and I should also add they're quite breathable. What about the price?

Lake Shoes MX332 AndrewM

The MX 332 shoes fit me like a nice pair of socks. No hot spots even after long rides and light enough that I never really notice them unlike a lot of the boots I wear. They're pretty f*cking magical - and at this price, they should be. 

$430 is a lot of money to invest in a pair of shoes but for some riders the MX 332 may be money well spent. 

For more information on ordering direct click here or if you're looking for a dealer in North America, use e-mail

*Reasonably sticky compared to the market leader Five Ten. Compared to similar 'XC' shoes these are amazing. 
**The three gears of single speeding are: sitting, standing & walking

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are the lakes uniformly wide everywhere ? I need a wide forefoot but a narrow heel & instep which has been up till now specialized shoes



They are generally more voluminous but from model to model there isn't a uniform fit. Sounds like we have the same feet...

These MX 332 shoes are pretty uniform. I'd guess you would get your best fit from Lake's 'Competition' last which has the most variation between heel cup (narrow) and toe box (wide) in their line.

The MX 237 actually fits me the best of their shoes I've tried. It's also a real rubber sole and Helcor leather.



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