Weekend Warmup #123

Lacondeguy at Home, Kovarik and Métailler in Pemby & More

Andreu Lacondeguy Unplugged (Fox MTB)

There's always that friend that excels at everything they try, meanwhile the rest of us try to keep up on one skill. For Fox, that friend is Andreu… and those skills we’re referring to are anything freeride, be it on a mountain bike or riding motocross. The latest Unplugged presents an inside look at what Andreu surrounds himself with at home in Spain. Basically paradise for all things two wheels, for the sake of fun.

This Man Corners a Mountain Bike Like No One Else! Karver (Rémy Métailler)

Chris 'Karver' Kovarik, is one of the best cornering riders in the world. Watching him ride in front of Rémy, we can see his incredible ability in action, loading the tires releasing the brakes perfectly to accelerate out of corners. It's also entertaining to see the different lines and approaches Karver and Rémy take down the trail.

"Maps of Home" feat. John John Florence

Maps of Home is a short film shot on location on the North Shore of Oahu, between January and March 2021. The surfers featured include John John Florence, Koa Rothman, Nathan Florence, Jack Robinson, Ivan Florence, Eli Olson and Jamie O'Brien; essentially a list of young heavy hitters from Hawaii, and regular visitors to the islands. It's an eye-opening look at the incredible waves and intense power of the ocean along the coast of the small island chain, and the talent of a group of surfers focused on charging.

Whether interested in surfing or not, Maps of Home is enjoyable viewing and the filmers did a great job conveying the power of the ocean and the size of the waves ridden.

Jesse Shortens His Bike...Or Does He? (MGM Alternative)

After last weeks video, Remi was feeling most comfortable on the size medium, the same size that Jesse rides. Does this mean Jesse's bike is a little bit too big? Jesse keeps the puzzling going while preparing for the season. Spoiler alert; changing the reach affects a host of other measurements.

Remember, all ad revenue earned in 2021 by Miranda, Remi and Jesse's channel will be donated to S.O.R.C.A. (Squamish Off Road Cycling Association).

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+1 AJ Barlas

Maps of Home is mesmerising. Thx for reco!


+1 meloroast

Isn’t it! JJF produces plenty of quality content but this one, for a little YouTube vid, is just great.


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