Kyle Strait signs w/ Commencal

Words Pete Roggeman
Date Jan 29, 2015

Usually athlete/company announcements are as appealing as dust on toast, but this one came with a few good photos plus a Q&A that actually revealed one or two interesting details about Kyle Strait – and I really mean one or two. Once you get past the hyperbole (“icon of a generation” – really?) and marketing BS, there are a few tidbits that Strait fans will enjoy.

Indisputably one of the most talented gravity riders on the planet, Kyle will be on Commencal for the next two years. This seems like a good move for both parties as Commencal has recently opened up an American division, and Kyle Strait obviously needed or wanted a new bike brand under him.

The press release from Commencal is below.


10 IMG_7381

It’s official: Kyle Strait and Commencal USA got hitched.

COMMENCAL USA and Kyle Strait, let history commence!

Who better to represent COMMENCAL USA than an American born and bred, proud of his roots, holding high the values ​​of his country and not forgetting, an excellent rider?

That’s correct! Kyle Strait has joined us for the next two years and will ride our bikes besides being involved in promoting online sales via

His two victories at the Red Bull Rampage, his natural ‘freeride’ spirit and overall involvement in our sport seduced us. We are very proud to have him with us and we look forward to him lining up with our bikes at forthcoming events.

Kyle Strait, welcome!


Interview with KYLE STRAIT:

Kyle Strait, more than just a two-times Red Bull Rampage winner in 2004 and 2013. An icon of a generation, particularly in the United States. So why have you made the decision to join COMMENCAL, an Andorran company located between France and Spain?

“As a youngster, I traveled a lot to different World Cups and events around the world. One place that I really enjoyed was Andorra. I always had fun racing there and really enjoyed the principality that is Andorra. With one of my childhood heroes being on Commencal at the time, the brand has always been in my mind as a passionate, driven, bitchin’ brand! I always thought Commencal would be a cool brand to work with. From their innovative bike designs, to their passionate love for competitions and overall prominent brand image, I am pleased to be joining the Commencal family.”

In addition to having your name associated to our Andorran company, you become our ambassador for COMMENCAL USA (, a company created last September in California, in order to provide a direct sales service in the US. You’ll be asked to contribute to the development and reliability of our bikes. Is this a role that you’ve always thought you might want to take on one day?
“I’ve always wanted to be a major ambassador for a brand and I feel that partnering with Commencal is a perfect fit for both of us. Since being in the industry for so long, I have been educated on what makes a bike ride well and work great. I am really excited to be able to work closely with Commencal in bike development and design. With Commencal’s move to the US it has opened up this awesome opportunity for us to work together and I couldn’t be more stoked”.

People know you well but tell us; what’s a typical day in the life of Kyle Strait (at work and play)?
“It all really depends on the day, most days would start off with feeding my dog, Frank. Then onto myself, making a smoothie, then onto catching up with emails and checking the weather for the next time it will rain. It doesn’t rain a lot where I live so I always want to be ready for when it comes to go dig some jumps. If it has been raining I like to go out and dig. Either in my yard or in the town I live in, always building trails, mega jumps and even trail maintenance. Wintertime is a great time for me. I am home a lot so I get to spend time with my old lady, ride with friends, build jumps and if there is enough time in the day I love to fish and work on my classics. I have two classic vehicles that I love to drive and work on; one being a 1969 Lincoln Continental and the other being a 1961 Chevy Apache. But once summer hits, I am traveling most of the time, which ends up working out great since it is so hot at home during the summer”.

10 IMG_7444

That’s a 1961 Chevy Apache and Strait’s cred just increased by 10 Gallons. We love old trucks.

In training, what do you like working on the most? Tricks/Style/Air?
“It always depends on what events are coming up next on the schedule. So, say at this time in the winter I ride a lot of trails on the trail bike to get a decent base fitness. I also try and hit as many jump spots to keep my muscle memory on point. If a slalom or DH event is coming up, I try and ramp up my intensity training and do more sprints. I like to say style is not something you work on; it’s more of just how comfortable you feel on the bike and it translates to your riding. Feeling smooth on the bike is one of the greatest feelings ever. It’s addictive”.

You have a pretty full video schedule. What projects are you working on?
“Filming is and always has been a non-stop thing for me and I love working on film projects and riding in them. It’s a great feeling to see what you can do on your bike and to see how stoked people get watching you ride your bike. As of right of now I am in the middle of some awesome top secrets projects that will be coming out soon!”

A question from all those young Red Bull Rampage fans. How does one win twice with nearly 10 years between each victory?
“I think it has to come down to being healthy for the event. With Rampage starting in 2001 the event has change tons over the years and it is very hard to stay ahead of the progressive curve. With myself being the only athlete to compete in every single Rampage in history I have found myself so close to winning the event many other times (besides 2004 and 2013) just to fall short because of a crash. It part of the game and I am still very happy to be the only rider to win the event twice. It goes to show that it is a very hard event to win more than once”.

Intimate question: Do you dress up in fancy dress often?
“Hahaha! I’ve found that when there’s the occasion to dress up “fancy” I do enjoy dressing like a cowboy. Full on boots, Wranglers, and cowboy hat”.

10 IMG_7479

Which American custom/tradition will you never be able to live without?
“I would say that is a pretty hard question being that there are so many I love. Although some of them may not be traditional, there is fishing, Monster Trucks, watching the Super Bowl (even though I don’t really care about football), NASCAR, Supercross, The 4th of July, pouring hot sauce on everything and being able to get and eat ice anywhere I want!”

Which European/French tradition do you like the most?
“Although I haven’t had a chance to be part of many European traditions and enjoy them, I’ve had a chance to be part of the 1st of May in Spain and have also been to Oktoberfest in Germany. Which were both a great times. I can’t wait to experience more European traditions.“


Discover the new COMMENCAL USA Facebook page:

Keep track of Kyle on his various social network channels Facebook, Instagram (@kylestrait) and Twitter

Did you get through the whole thing?


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Rachel Throop  - Jan. 29, 2015, 8:46 p.m.

Talk about poisoning the well.


David Simons  - Jan. 29, 2015, 6:01 p.m.

Marketing, marketing, marketing; the true American tradition


Brett Watkins  - Jan. 29, 2015, 3:43 p.m.

I'd like to know more on what happened with GT.


jennaii88  - Jan. 29, 2015, 3:11 p.m.

USA! USA! USA! Go amerikkkuh!


Rob Gretchen  - Jan. 29, 2015, 12:11 p.m.

I would assume that money had some influence on his decision. Man's gotta buy cowboy hats.


Brock Fisher  - Jan. 29, 2015, 11:29 a.m.

Looks like the Commencal Air Force just got another Pilot.


Cr4w  - Jan. 29, 2015, 11:27 a.m.

Great rider and a cool brand. But I still think it's a little weird that someone with such an American image to be sponsored by an Andorran company. It seemed to fit better when he was on Specialized or GT.

Pete Roggeman  - Jan. 29, 2015, 12:32 p.m.

It's a good point although I think that's exactly why they wanted him.


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