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Kriss Kyle Crosses Over, Ratboy on an eMTB & Problems with F1

BMXer Kriss Kyle Brings His Creativity To MTB

If you don't know who Kriss Kyle is, watch his antics in the Dubai video below, or Kaleidoscope. He's one of those athletes who possess insane creativity within their sport. Some of his BMX riding shows similarities to the riding we see from Danny MacAskill, and it's clear in some of the moves he pulls on the mountain bike.

It's good to see that mountain bikes are no longer being seen as BMX's ugly bigger sibling. Some of the biggest names in the sport now spend considerable amounts of time riding and enjoying mountain bikes, including Harry Main, Matt Roe, Sergio Layos and now Kriss Kyle. With that they're injecting their unique style and creativity, which is great for anyone who enjoys progression in the freestyle side of MTB.

Kriss Kyle Blowing Up in Dubai

Dubai is one insane looking city and the features throughout are any skater or BMXer's dream. Earlier this year Kriss Kyle dropped this video, where he's doing his usual mind-blowing riding against the crazy backdrop of the city. At the very least, watch for the opening clip.

Ratboy & Crew Ride the New Cannondale Motera

Whether you are keen on e-mountain bikes or not, the concept behind this video is pretty cool. Cannondale took the new Motera to a purpose built track where the guys ripped laps. It's similar to an MX track, with woops, berms and jumps, and it loops back on itself. There's an uphill where Bryceland and his mates engage the pedal-assist motor of the bike. Once at the top they proceed to shred the track apart, on repeat. I'd like to have seen a larger track but the concept is clear enough.

Jeremy Clarkson & His Opinion On What's Wrong with F1

Mountain bikers often refer to downhill racing as the F1 of our sport. It's the upper level, where product development regularly begins, the race pits are glossed out and the best of the best battle it out on the same track over a weekend. But in recent years F1 has been strangled by their own rules to level the playing field and increase safety. No-one wants to see safety taken lightly but the thrill isn't what it once was at the races.

Jeremy Clarkson, formally of Top Gear, is a massive F1 fan but he's tired of the vanilla racing and the thrill destroying rules he's witnessed in recent years. This candid video clearly shows his distaste and he has some ideas for how it can improve too.

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+1 AJ Barlas

Was a religious F1 fan since 2001 or so... last year was the first year I only watched one race - Monaco.  This year, zero races.  They need to fix the on track action.

I will say that now that Bernie is out of the mix, and since Liberty Media took over, there have been some drastic improvements to the access to media (social, youtube, etc, etc).

Still lots of work to do... It's a dying unsustainable sport though.  I'd probably start watching FE before I go back to F1.


0 dave_f Codyw

Is there a resemblance between Jeremy Clarkson and Ratboy ..?

Like:  being old and not really interesting any more, doing things that retired people do?


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