Kelly McGarry – Beyond The Bike

Video Jasper Wesselman

This seems like the perfect time to share Kelly’s Beyond The Bike profile and remember what an incredible man he was.

RIP McGazza.

With Kelly McGarry there is no pretence, no rockstar attitude – just a solid friendly dude who tears it up on a bike. Here’s his story. Thanks to DirtTV!

Kelly was second at Rampage last year. Let’s hope he can wow us again this year.

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Thoughts go out to his partner, family and friends. Very sad news. Never met Kelly but have long admired his style and attitude - think the first pic I saw of him in Spoke magazine he was upside down on a pink Cove launched off a snow-covered ramp in Whistler or Squamish. Blew me away at the time. And then he turns out to be such a great dude as well. And he really seemed to pack his life full of fun. RIP Kelly. Well done on a life well lived. Sorry to see you go so young.



I didn't know Kelly personally but he comes off as so genuine that I feel like I knew him at least a bit. It's saddening to realize how short and fragile life can be - Kelly will serve as a reminder for me to carpe that fucking diem!


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