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Kaede Sakurai | North Shore

Video Josh Yaron

From filmmaker Josh Yaron:

After months of planning, filming and editing I am super excited to be releasing my newest project with Kaede Sakurai. She absolutely killed it with her riding. This was her first ever film project that she has done and has put in a ton of work. From early morning shoots, to riding while it hailed and snowed, she absolutely crushed it. This video was made to show off her incredible talent and ability to send absolutely insane features all over the shore. 

Kaede is a very close friend of mine and ever since meeting her I have wanted to make a film of her in order to show off her talent. She is by far one of the gnarliest girls I know and has shown me how crazy she is when it comes to her riding! This project pushed her to do features that she was uncomfortable doing or had bad crashes on in the past, but in the end she overcame those difficulties and ended up with an amazing film to show for it. 

Rider: Kaede Sakarai // @kaedemtb_maple

Directed and filmed by: Josh Yaron // @joshyaron

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+2 Pete Roggeman Konrad

Pretty sweet riding and edit. 

I've run into her on the trails, super nice person as well.


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