Jeremy Menduni in Ottawa

Jeremy Menduni having fun on his bike

Video Calude Legault /Jeremy Menduni

We're so inundated with video these days that it can be hard to distinguish between yesterday's edit and today's teaser for...tomorrow's edit. This is just a short video of Knolly rider Jeremy Menduni doing his thing in and around Ottawa, which has a couple of really interesting riding spots. I dug the homey vibe, the music, and Jeremy's big grin.

You can find more from Jeremy on his Instagram. And if you're curious about his Knolly Warden, we spent a bit of time with both an alloy and a carbon version - which we rode back to back and then shared some thoughts.

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+1 Pete Roggeman

So hyped on how this edit turned out. I'm exited to bring JJ out to North Van next Spring. 

We'll need suggestions on spots to compliment his unique riding style.


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