James Doerfling continues with Knolly

Words Pete Roggeman
Photos Margus Riga
Date Dec 16, 2014

Attention PR & Communications Managers of the MTB world: When an athlete renews their contract with you, do not use a headline that says “Superman resigns with Superbrand”. Unless this is your way of expressing in kind words that it’s time for them to retire. What you meant to say was ‘re-signs’. Or just ‘renews’ or ‘extends’. Either way, that’s your nickel’s worth of advice for the day.

Generally speaking we don’t publish any old news that comes across our e-desk. Frankly, most of you aren’t too interested in the contents of press releases detailing whose athlete won which race wearing what socks, and when an athlete re-signs (ahem). Doerfling continuing with Knolly? Not earth shattering. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy his career is continuing, and the guy deserves it.

For Knolly’s part, they support a solid stable of talented athletes and probably are punching above their weight in the ‘pros sponsored v. bikes sold category’. Good on them both, but still not something to provoke the equivalent of your Dad snapping the paper at the breakfast table to get a better look at the latest news out of the Kremlin (or maybe a better look at the specials in the ad for lingerie).

Why is this different? Because unlike most PRs for an athlete ‘resigning’ (my eyes!), this one came with reams and reams of kickass photos. THAT is how to get your news published, PR people.

So here’s your Coles Notes:
1) James Doerfling will be on Knolly for 2 more years. Words like ‘stoked’ were (over)used.
2) Enjoy the great photos of Doerfling. As far as we can tell, they’re all by Margus Riga.

Click to enlarge. Enjoy the big mountain shredness.


James Doerfling is a native of Williams Lake, BC. I’m not positive that’s Williams Lake, but it looks like it. Either way, wouldn’t you like to be hiking up a silt chute right now, getting ready to surf your way down with your stomach in your throat and your balls clanging off the top tube (if yours were as big as his).


Clang, clang, CLANG.


If weed plants turned colour in the Fall, they might look a little something like this.


Big mtn riders are sometimes less recognizable because we don’t see their faces behind full face helmets and goggles. This is Doerfling’s ‘yo’ face.


Who wouldn’t be stoked about a 2 year contract extension? Also, those cowboy boots are well worn. Authentic shitkicker, that one.


Knolly employs lots of burly riders, but James may be best qualified to test the durability of a Warden. Also…skinwall tires!




Not sure a caption would add anything to this photo. Just outstanding.


Sometimes a freerider will surprise you by being really fit and able to crush you on long rides. They are pro riders, after all. I have no idea if James can ride the legs off an Expert XC racer or not, but I wouldn’t bet against it.

Doerfling_Riga_3   Doerfling_Riga_12 Doerfling_Riga_13

Clang! Congratulations James, and Knolly.


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Jonathan Harris  - Dec. 16, 2014, 3:09 p.m.

I know that Margus has done a trip to the Yukon with James the past two summers, where some of those photos were taken. I bumped into them on their first trip in Whitehorse before they headed much further north towards Dawson City. Pretty amazing scenery that they've found up there and makes me want to get back to the Yukon as soon as I can make it work.


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