Jake Fox - The Comeback

Date Nov 1, 2022

In the late afternoon of July 6 2021, Jake Fox broke his neck riding an airbag landing. He had a small slip up on a backflip tuck no-hander resulting in him going over the handle bars off the end of the landing. Jake was then rushed to hospital to undergo surgery to replace his blown up c5 vertebrae with an artificial cage. The surgery went well however his chances of ever walking again were a minimal 5%.

Jake would then spend the next 3.5 weeks at Vancouver General Hospital seeing steady progress in regaining body function. Jake was then transferred to GF Strong rehab center where he would really start to see improvements. At GF Jake really stepped up his rehab capitalizing on extra physio and OT appointments whenever possible.

After extensive work and help from all the amazing staff at GF strong, Jake walked out of the rehab center 2 months earlier then his expected release date.

This is his story.

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