Introducing the New Santa Cruz 5010 and Juliana Furtado

Santa Cruz and sister company Juliana are releasing a 1-2 refresh of the 5010 and the Furtado, and we have first looks for both bikes here and here. What continues on below is the combined release from Santa Cruz and Juliana, and covers the changes from the previous models, geometry, and build kits.

The New Santa Cruz 5010 and Juliana Furtado

The 5010 and Furtado aren't just "the little bikes" of our range. They make even the most mundane trails feel like they're loaded with features to hop, skip and jump over. It's like having super-skills at your fingertips.

Both bikes have always been more capable than many expected but with the traction-gaining 29-inch wheel up front and even more refined suspension they now give you a deft touch on the trails. They're the trail bikes that love to play, and they've been an instant favorite of those who've ridden them.


Design Details

MX: The bigger 29" front wheel provides traction while the 27.5 rear wheel provides ability for agility. The combination results in stupid fun.

Glovebox: Keeps your essentials within reach, including your driving gloves. Also comes with a tool wallet and tube purse for keeping things organized

VPP Travel: 130mm to be exact. Short chainstays and a low BB create laser sharp handling characteristics and an insatiable appetite for negotiating steep, technical climbs.

Size Specific Chainstays and Seat Tube Angles: Matched to the frame size so every rider gets the same balanced geometry, no matter their height.



The focus of the fifth gen 5010 and Furtado's geo was to implement mixed wheels in a way that would give the rider a sure-footed experience in challenging terrain without losing touch with its jump-happy, slalom-turn loving tendencies. The bottom bracket height remains where it’s always been: close to the ground for maximum cornering fun. Overall slightly longer (than the last 5010 and Furtado) and size specific chainstay length allows the rider to benefit from the approach angle and grip up front that MX wheels bring without needing to leave the cornering sweet spot for good weight distribution. Our size-specific layup stiffness helps create a consistent ride feel across the size range. Meaning larger riders, on larger sizes get the same snappy, responsive feel from the chassis. Likewise, riders on the Furtado can expect the same feel on a smaller chassis.

5010 Geo

Build Kits

5010 Builds 1
5010 Builds

Tech Features and Warranty

  • Max Tire Width: 2.5" F and R
  • Boost 148mm rear hub spacing
  • Post mount brakes w/180mm rotors
  • ISCG05 chain guides
  • Threaded BB
  • Santa Cruz UDH
  • IS Headset

All Santa Cruz and Juliana frames, pivot bearings, and Reserve carbon rims have our lifetime warranty. REAL SUPPORT From real riders of the Santa Cruz Rider Support team, empowered to do what it takes to keep our bikes rolling. No BS Easy to work on, easy to find parts for, built to last.

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