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Introducing the Kona Aluminum Process X

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Today Kona is announcing two new aluminum models: the Aluminum Process X and Process X DH fill a void left by the discontinuation of the Process 165 and Operator. Designed to take a beating and poised at riding aggressive terrain, these sleds are offered in a single crown and a dual crown DH version. The Process X comes equipped with 29" wheels, a 170mm Marzocchi Bomber Z1, and a dropper post. The DH version features a mullet setup, 190mm dual crown RockShox Boxxer, DH casing tires, and bike park appropriate gearing.

-Matthew Cusanelli, NSMB

Here's the release from Kona, including a banger of a launch video with some great riding from Noah Hofmann.

Kona Super Grassroots rider Noah Hofmann is no stranger to getting rowdy. The EDR and World Cup DH Junior calls bike park Leogang home – where no berm-to-berm gaps or sniper lines are safe from his tires. We figured his creative and burly style, combined with Leogang’s high-speed trails, were the perfect way to illustrate just what the all-new aluminum Process X is capable of. There is the small possibility that, in our brief to Noah, he got surly and burly a little mixed up – no one should keep a shuttle mom waiting!

The Process family just got bigger! The carbon Process X you know and love just got two burly aluminum siblings, the all-new Process X and Process X DH. Purpose-built for riding hard and fast under the likes of Kona team riders Caleb Holonko, Eddie Reynolds, and Kyleigh Stewart. Both bikes share the same mullet-curious UDH-equipped 162mm travel frame, the DH model even comes stock with a 27.5 rear wheel and a 190mm RockShox Boxxer. No side hits are safe from the Process X!

Bash it and thrash it – ripping riders need a bike that can hold up. Kona’s legacy is to deliver more when the riding demands more.

Pricing is as follows for the two models:

Process X CAD $ 5,399.00 (USD $ 4,499)

Process X DH CAD $ 5,399.00 (USD $ 4,699)

Kona Aluminum Process X Geometry Chart

A 63.5 degree HTA, 490mm reach, and shorter 440mm chainstays in size large are all pretty standard fare from Kona.


External cable routing, mechanics rejoice!

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+8 Andrew Major Dogl0rd Pete Roggeman Mammal Velocipedestrian cheapondirt bishopsmike demo7_rider

a bit of a Max-Min situation here looking at the build specs


+5 Dogl0rd Lu Kz analog7 Shoreboy lennskii

No max with Guide T brakes on a DH bike...  x7 derailleur (non clutch) and those WTB rims.  Same faux bar suspension from 25 yrs ago.


+5 Jerry Willows Velocipedestrian bishopsmike demo7_rider Zero-cool

That was the comment. Opposite of Min/Max.


-4 Dogl0rd Kenny lennskii Sidney Durant

I think it's tough to look at a 5,399 CAD bike and expect there not to be some holes. No argument with your points, but show me a similarly priced park/DH bike without a few weak spec points and I'll be surprised (D2C bikes don't count).


+4 Dogl0rd bishopsmike lennskii Sidney Durant

there's holes and there are craters.... I bet there is no DH bike ever spec'd with Guide T brakes. I would barely use those on a gravel bike.  An x7 derailleur?  It has no clutch!  Is this 2012?


Similar price and Ohlins suspension.  Actual 4 bar as well.


0 Andrew Major lennskii
+5 bishopsmike Mammal Jerry Willows Cooper Quinn lennskii

The Guide RE on the Slayer uses the previous gen Code caliper, so it's got a little more hydraulic leverage. Note also the 220mm rotor.

Guide T with 200mm rotor: a grip strength testing arcade game where top scores just win a chance to play again.


+2 lennskii demo7_rider

Guide-T's are the worst modern brake I've ever experienced. Even with repeated bleeds and sintered pad upgrade, they couldn't even come close to stopping a 170lb me on 29" wheels in time for proper cornering. I was appalled. It's actually dangerous to spec those on a gravity machine.


+1 lennskii

You guys always have to defend brands to keep it classy and neutral, we understand


+7 Dogl0rd bishopsmike Mammal Jerry Willows Pete Roggeman DancingWithMyself Hardlylikely

That's a pretty easy request. 

Devinci chainsaw DH is a few hundred more MSRP but can be had for about $1000 less. 

Code brakes, GX DH drivetrain and race face 30HD rims (which are not amazing, but at least not made from cheese).

Yeah they're only code r, but at least they're codes, and the wheelset has novatec hubs, but at least the rims are reasonably durable. 

Weak spec, but not straight up wrong spec for the bikes intended purpose.


+2 DancingWithMyself Zero-cool

I asked and you answered! Fair play.


+2 Mammal Jerry Willows

They need to wake up over there! I guess it's cool for that suspension to be out there because there are so many modern options, but the build is silly


+2 RG ogopogo

The same company that specced their trail bikes (Process 134) with the abomination Alhonga brakes in 2022 also specs Guide Ts (didn't even know these were still being made...) on essentially a DH bike (along with swiss cheese rims and a non-clutched derailleur?!).

I seriously have no idea how Kona are still in business (have their product managers fallen victim to bean counters at Kent Outdoors?)


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